Preparations are being made to deal with drought like this in Jharkhand, CM instructed the departments to prepare a plan

Chief Minister Hemant Soren in the state dry conditions And to deal with it, a high level meeting of the Disaster Management Authority was held. On this occasion, he took complete information about the rainfall and sowing of crops in the state. The Chief Minister said that the government has intensified the preparations to provide relief to the farmers, livestock farmers, laborers and villagers from the drought. The Chief Minister directed to start at least five new schemes in every village, so that migration could be stopped along with employment generation.

The Chief Minister said that there should be no shortage of food grains, drinking water and animal feed in drought-like conditions, keeping this in mind, plans should be made and monitoring should be done along with its better implementation. On this occasion, various departments apprised the Chief Minister about their action plan being prepared to deal with the drought-like situation. The Chief Minister asked the departments to make plans in coordination so that they would prove to be very useful.

Instructions to the departments to plan

He directed the departments to prepare a plan ranging from two thousand to two and a half thousand crore rupees to deal with the situation like drought. He also directed to do geo-tagging of all the schemes. The Chief Minister said that in view of the drought situation, one lakh new wells and one lakh ponds would be built in the entire state. Along with this, handpumps and check dams will be repaired on a war footing.

Initiative to provide employment through MNREGA works

In view of drought, the Chief Minister directed to remove the ban on kutcha works under MGNREGA so that work of kutcha roads, ponds, farm bunds, water bodies and deepening of water sources etc. can be started in rural areas. This will give more and more employment opportunities to the people in rural areas. The Chief Minister also directed to create more and more man-days of work under MNREGA.

benefits of social security pension

The Chief Minister clearly told the officers that the beneficiaries of social security pension should not face any kind of problem in drought-like situation. He asked to ensure the distribution of pension among the beneficiaries by the 5th of every month. On this occasion, the officials said that there are 31 lakh pensioners in the state and 8 lakh new applications have been received for pension approval.

take care of food security

The Chief Minister said that food security is the top priority of the government in a drought-like situation. People should not have shortage of food grains. He told the officials that 5 lakh new ration cards should be approved at the earliest. Distribution of ration from PDS shops should be ensured every month. Full care should also be taken that ration is easily available to the people.

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