Pre-monsoon rains caused damage to orchards, now agricultural scientists are giving this advice

Pre-monsoon rains caused damage to orchards, now agricultural scientists are giving this advice

For the past few months, the effect of nature’s wrath on agricultural crops has remained. Fruit orchards have suffered the most due to unseasonal rains. The gardens were already affected by the heat. Now some districts of the state have received pre-monsoon rains. So the farmers who (Farmer) Had kept the crops cut in the summer, they have been damaged. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain on June 5 to 6. It rained for two days in other areas including Pandharpur in Solapur district. At the same time, banana trees were uprooted due to strong winds. Along with the rain, strong winds also affected the vineyards.

The farmers living in the district said that it rained for two days. This is true for the cultivated area, but the orchards are being harmed by it. Banana orchards in the district’s taluka Patwardhan Kuroli have suffered massive damage, while grapes in Kasegaon and Takli have suffered losses worth lakhs. The grape grower says that no trader in the district is ready to buy grapes anyway. Already the grapes were rotting in the orchards. Now due to rain and strong winds, double the damage has been done. Apart from this, the onion producing farmers had taken out onions from the fields and kept them in storage, because at this time they are getting very low prices in the market, but due to rain, the stored onions have also suffered.

Agricultural scientists are giving this advice to farmers

Agricultural scientist Rameshwar Chand is advising farmers in view of the rainy season. They say that at this time the grape season is in its last phase, so the farmers should sell the grapes to the traders, otherwise they should go and sell the grapes themselves in the market. Failure to do so will further damage the orchards in the rain and their produce will be wasted. Summer crops are also standing in the fields and harvesting has started at some places. He advised that farmers should immediately after harvesting groundnut and summer soybean at this time, threshing and storing it in a safe place. He said that by June 1, farmers should take out the seasonal crops from the field and prepare for the upcoming Kharif sowing.

Grapes also suffered damage in the last phase of the season

At this time the grape season is in its final stages. The farmers thought that in the last phase, the grapes would get a good price, but it did not happen. Farmers are saying that now the traders in the district have stopped taking grapes. At the same time, due to rain, the orchards have been ruined and the farmers are facing double crisis.