PR126 variety of paddy is making headlines this time in Punjab, know what is the reason and why it is special

Rabi season is nearing its end. Along with this, preparations for Kharif season have also started. mainly paddy (PaddyFarmers and state governments are busy preparing for the transplanting and sowing. In which preparations related to mobilization of paddy seeds are at their peak, about which farmers as well as governments are active, but Punjab is one of the major producing states of paddy.Punjab) in a variety of paddy PR126 remains in discussion. the point is that of paddy Variety (Paddy varietyThere has also been a tussle between farmer organizations, private traders and the state’s Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department regarding PR126. After which the Agriculture Department had to withdraw one of its orders. Let us understand what makes this variety of paddy special in PR126 and why it remains in discussion.

So that’s why PR126 variety of paddy is in discussion

PR126 variety of paddy has remained very popular in Punjab this time. The main reason for its popularity is its properties. Actually, PR126 variety of paddy takes 123 days to become ready under direct sowing, while other varieties including Pusa 44 take more than 160 days. Overall, PR126 variety of paddy gets ready in less time. At the same time, the need for irrigation is also less in this variety. In comparison to other varieties of paddy, this variety gets ready in 20 percent irrigation. At the same time, another reason is that this time the Punjab government has asked the farmers to sow paddy directly to save water and electricity. Under which the Punjab government has announced a grant of Rs 150 per acre to such farmers. In such a situation, this time in large numbers this variety of paddy is giving double benefits to the farmers. Under which the farmers are demanding it.

2600 quintal seeds ended in a month, there was a decrease in the market

There are other reasons for the PR126 variety of paddy to come into the limelight. In which due to the lack of its seeds, it remains very much discussed. In fact, Punjab Agricultural University had developed 2,600 quintal seeds of PR126 variety of paddy and put it for sale on March 20, but within a month the entire stock was exhausted. Because of this there is a huge shortage of seeds in the market. However, it is alleged that the private dealer has stocked it by buying a large number of seeds for black marketing. Because of this, the entire stock has been sold within a month. In fact, this time the Agriculture Department of the Government of Punjab had given the right to sell seeds of PR126 variety of paddy to private dealers as well.

Seeds are sold for 3 to 4 times more than the maximum price

The price of PR126 variety of paddy has made it more popular in the past. The farmers of the state have claimed that they have bought seeds of PR126 variety of paddy for 3 to 4 times more than the maximum retail price. In this regard, farmers’ organizations had also written a letter to the Agriculture Department. In fact, the Agriculture Department had recently approved the sale of seeds to private dealers. Along with this, its maximum price was also fixed at Rs 43.75 per kg, but the farmers have alleged that they have bought seeds from the market for Rs 100 to 150 per kg.

Agriculture Department took back the right of private dealer to sell seeds

On Tuesday, the Agriculture Department has made an effort to reconcile the story that started about the PR126 variety of paddy. Under which the Agriculture Department has withdrawn its order to sell seeds of PR126 variety of paddy to private dealers. Farmer organizations were mobilized for the past few days regarding this. After this, speculations are being made that its seeds will be easily available to the farmers and action will be taken against those who do black marketing.