PM Kisan: 21 lakh ineligible beneficiaries were identified so far in Uttar Pradesh, availing installment benefits

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM Kisan) is one of the biggest public welfare schemes of the country. But, this plan has been in discussion for some time due to the mess. Under which ineligible beneficiaries in many states of the country PM Kisan Taking advantage of the scheme. Which are being identified these days. In this episode, the ineligible have also been identified in Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest state of the country. In the investigation of the state government, 21 benefit ineligible beneficiaries have been identified. Those who were till now taking advantage of the installment received under PM Kisan.

Couple was taking installment with income tax payers

Uttar Pradesh Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Surya Pratap Shahi has given information about the identification of ineligible beneficiaries of PM Kisan. Giving information on Wednesday, he said that 21 lakh farmers selected in Uttar Pradesh under PM Kisan have been found ineligible in the investigation. He said that among those found ineligible, there are many who used to file income tax. At the same time, many such people were also involved, who were taking advantage of the husband and wife installment.

Installment will be recovered from ineligible beneficiaries

Now installment will be recovered from the ineligible beneficiaries of PM Kisan. Under which such ineligible people will have to pay the full dues of the payment made under PM Kisan till now. In fact, under the PM Kisan scheme, the central government sends 6 thousand rupees every year to the accounts of registered farmers, which is sent to the accounts of farmers in three installments in a year. So far, the central government has sent 11 installments to the accounts of farmers.

Now more ineligible beneficiaries may be identified, investigation is going on

In Uttar Pradesh, other ineligible beneficiaries of PM Kisan scheme can be identified now. Which is under investigation. In fact, a total of 2.85 crore farmers are registered under the PM Kisan scheme in Uttar Pradesh. Out of this, the process of verification of 1.71 crore beneficiaries has been completed. Out of which 21 lakh ineligible beneficiary has been identified. At the same time, verification of more than 1 crore beneficiaries is yet to be done. In such a situation, speculations are being made that other ineligible beneficiaries may be identified now.

Government has started campaign regarding e-KYC

In order to identify the ineligible beneficiaries of PM Kisan scheme, the central government is encouraging registered farmers to get e-KYC done. For this, the central government has started a campaign. Under which the last date for conducting e-KYC has been extended many times. Which passed on 31st August.

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