Pink worm attack in Haryana-Punjab, farmers were scared… last year there was a huge loss

Cotton cultivation in the main producing regions of North India, Punjab and Haryana due to below-normal rainfall and inadequate power supply in the pre-monsoon season.Cotton Farming) is expected to decrease in the 2022-23 (June-July) season. On the other hand, in the early sown cotton crop in Narnaul and Kanina blocks of Mahendragarh district of Haryana, pink bollworm (Pink bollworm)Pink Bollworm) attack has been reported. Cotton crop has been sown in more than 45,000 acres in the district. Pink bollworm attacks flower buds, causing up to 50 percent damage. The attack of pink bollworm on Bt cotton has increased the problems of farmers in Mansa district of Punjab’s cotton belt.

Last year too, cotton crop was damaged in some areas of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan due to attack of pink bollard. The farmers had suffered heavy losses. This time too, the farmers are apprehensive that the situation may not be like last year. Last year, when the pink bollworm was attacked, the Vice Chancellor of Haryana Agricultural University, Prof. Bibar Kamboj had said that wherever there is a shortage of nutrients in the land, it will be good if farmers grow pulses crops instead of cotton.

How much cotton is sown in Haryana

At present, the sowing of cotton in Haryana is almost complete. Compared to last year, cotton cultivation in Haryana has been recorded in 6,28,000 hectares, down by 3 per cent. The Haryana government had set a target of sowing cotton in 700,000 hectares in the state this year.

On the other hand, cotton sowing has been completed in 2,43,000 hectares in Punjab. Cotton cultivation in Punjab is almost in its final stages. In Punjab, the sowing is expected to reach 2,48,000 hectares against the target of 4,00,000 hectares. Last year, cotton was sown in 2,51,000 hectares in the state. There was some delay in sowing at the beginning of the season due to non-availability of canal water. Due to which there has been a decrease in cotton cultivation in Punjab.

what is the condition of rajasthan

The name of Rajasthan is also included in the cotton producing states. Cotton sowing is still going on here. So far, cotton sowing has been completed in 4,72,750 hectares against the target of 8,00,000 hectares set by Rajasthan. In 2021, the area under cotton in Rajasthan was recorded at 7,56,000 hectares. Whereas, Andhra Pradesh has increased the target of cotton acreage to 6,11,000 hectares for the coming season. In the 2021 season, farmers of the state had sown cotton in 5,33,000 hectares.

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