Papaya cultivation changed the fortunes of the farmer, earning lakhs from bumper production

In Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, farmers are earning profits of lakhs from traditional farming by cultivating fruits. This change has been possible through the Choupal run by the Horticulture Department. Here papaya cultivation The story of farmer Ankit Maurya is unique. He used to earn his livelihood by cultivating paddy and wheat earlier, but the benefit was very less. In such a situation, he decided to make changes in farming by doing crop diversification. As a result of which papaya plants were prepared in his field.

Ankit Maurya told that there is no profit left in the crop of paddy and wheat. Because of this, his financial condition was getting worse day by day. For this, he moved from his village Kachona to Hardoi. He went to the Horticulture Department and met the officials there. Tell me your problem. Then District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar, after getting information about his area and land, advised him to cultivate papaya.

Earning Rs 10 lakh in a season

The Horticulture Department told how to cultivate papaya and also provided seeds to them. After measuring the pH of the soil, he started cultivating papaya in one hectare. The first harvest opened his fate. They have got good profit. He is getting good results of papaya from his field by proper protection of trees, by giving fertilizers and water at the right time and managing pests. He has kept a gap of about 7 feet between his papaya trees. A production of about one thousand quintals has been found in one hectare. About 10 lakh rupees have been earned in a season.

Now plan to expand farming

Maurya told that now he is planning to increase his papaya cultivation to about 5 hectares. He is getting a good market for the sale of papaya in his district including Lucknow, Kanpur. He has done the planting of papaya by making it high outdoors in the fields. Told that up to 50 kg of papaya fruits have come in a healthy tree. Now seeing them, the nearby farmers are making up their mind to cultivate papaya. Hardoi District Officer Avinash Kumar said that farmers are being made aware by Horticulture Department and Agriculture Department to cultivate fruits.

The benefit of drip irrigation is being given

District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar said that from time to time, necessary information is being provided by inspecting the fields of horticulture crops. Farmers are also being linked through drip irrigation method. Subsidy is also being provided to the farmers. From time to time, conscious farmers are also being honored. Farmers are earning profit from papaya cultivation in large numbers in the district. Products like marmalade, jam, jelly are made from papaya. It is a very nutritious fruit.

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