Pantnagar Kisan Mela will start from October 14, ahead in registering business firms related to agricultural products

The name of GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, located in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, is one of the leading agricultural institutes of the country. The university is also known as Pantnagar Agricultural University. This university also organizes All India Kisan Mela every year. which Pantnagar farmers fair is known as. The popularity of this Kisan Mela is that farmers from all over the country come to learn new farming techniques. This year also the preparations for organizing the fair have started. Under which the fair is to be organized from October 14 this year. The registration process for this has started. Under this process, a large number of business firms are appearing ahead in getting the registration done.

Organizing a four-day farmers fair

The Kisan Mela will be organized by Pantnagar University from October 14-17. For example, the Kisan Mela is to be organized for four days. University Director Extension Education, Dr. Anil Kumar informed that the registration of business firms has started for setting up stalls in this famous Kisan Mela. In the Kisan Mela, a large number of business firms are registering for the sale of various products from different states of the country to secure their place in the fair. He informed that various products, such as agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, power tillers, planters, sub-soilers, irrigation machines and other modern equipment), agricultural chemicals (insecticides, weedicides and insecticides, fertilizers), animal nutrition and veterinary products, were presented in the fair. Firms related to medicinal plant products, seeds and saplings etc. set up their stalls to give technical information about their products to the farmers as well as sell them.

He said that apart from this, firms related to handicrafts, village industries, processed foods, information and technology, household products, products of solar energy use etc. also set up their stalls in the fair. Various banks, research institutes related to agriculture, publishers and other government and private sector institutions also participate in the fair and promote their schemes, achievements and products among the farmers and other visitors to the fair.

Women should transfer technical knowledge among themselves – Vice Chancellor

Dr Manmohan Singh Chouhan, Vice Chancellor of Pantnagar University appealed to women to transfer technical knowledge among themselves. At the conclusion of a training program, she said that women are capable of making a big difference in small techniques business. Women should increase their income by producing them commercially from the training they have received in milk products like Shrikhand Paneer, Lassi, Chhena etc. He said that today the demand for home-made things at the local level is very high. Women should take advantage of this opportunity. Dr. Chouhan suggested that if products are prepared using local crops like Madua, Jhangora, Kodo etc. along with Lassi, then more availability of iron and other nutrients along with protein will be ensured.

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