Paddy Procurement: Paddy and other crops will be procured in more than 400 mandis of Haryana

The procurement of paddy in Haryana will start from October 1, which will continue till November 15, 2022. Elaborate arrangements have been made for the purchase of Kharif crops in more than 400 mandis in the state. This time the government has set a target to procure 55 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. Minimum Support Price (MSP), like basmati and duplicate basmati, instead of 4 percent market fee, now a direct fee of Rs 100 per quintal will be charged, out of which Rs 50 will go to the Mandi Board and Rs 50 as cess in Haryana Rural Development Fund. will be deposited in

Apart from this, the government has also decided that the average yield of 30 quintal per acre in those areas and 28 quintal per acre in other areas will be considered for purchase at MSP.

These Kharif crops will also be procured

According to the announcement of the state government, the purchase of other Kharif crops will also start from October 1. Appropriate arrangements have been made for the smooth procurement of crops. Farmers will not face any problem in selling their crops. During the marketing session 2022-23, crops like paddy, bajra, maize, moong, sunflower, groundnut, sesame, tur and urad etc. will be procured. 50 percent of the paddy will be procured by the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department. Apart from this, 30 percent paddy will be procured by NAFED, 15 percent by Haryana State Warehousing Corporation and 5 percent by Food Corporation of India.

so much MSP of these crops

The procurement of Kharif crops will be done at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) announced by the Government of India. Rs 2040 per quintal for Paddy (Common), Rs 2060 per quintal for Paddy (Grade-A), Rs 2350 per quintal for Bajra, Rs 1962 per quintal for Maize, Rs 7755 per quintal for Moong, Sunflower Rs 6400 per quintal for groundnut, Rs 5850 per quintal for groundnut, Rs 7830 per quintal for sesame, Rs 6600 per quintal for tur and urad has been fixed.

Arrangement in more than 400 mandis

Adequate number of mandis have been arranged by the state government to ensure uninterrupted procurement of Kharif crops. Mandis, 9 mandis have been earmarked for the purchase of sunflower, 7 for the purchase of groundnut, 27 for the purchase of sesame, 22 for the purchase of tur and 10 for the purchase of urad.

Equipment facilities will be there in all the mandis

Adequate number of equipments have been made available in the mandis for the cleaning of grains. Apart from this, the availability of gunny bags has also been ensured in all the mandis, so that after the bidding of the crop, its lifting in sacks can also be ensured. At the same time, help desk facility has been established in the mandis to solve the problems of the farmers. Officers of Marketing Board, Agriculture and related departments will be posted on this help desk. The grievances of farmers will also be redressed at the help desk.

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