Paddy Procurement: Growing problem of farmers, producers are upset due to non-opening of paddy sales center

In Maharashtra, the problems of farmers are not taking the name of less. So at the same time, farmers in Bhandara district want to sell their remaining paddy produce from this natural calamity. On the other hand, the Rabi season has started. In such a situation, there is no money due to non-sale of paddy, then how will we be able to sow Rabi.

At the same time, some farmers are going to agricultural centers to buy the seeds of Rabi season. But the farmers whose economic condition is not good. Those farmers are forced to sell their paddy in open centers at cheap prices. Farmers are buying seeds for Rabi season by selling paddy at low prices. If so, some farmers are running to sell paddy.

farmers were upset

The condition of the farmers in the state has become pathetic these days. Due to non-opening of government procurement centers, farmers have intensified efforts to buy seeds for the Rabi season by selling paddy at throwaway prices. While Gondia district paddy procurement centers have opened. But the center is still waiting to open in Bhandara district. Due to this the farmers are upset. The district has the highest paddy cultivation. These districts are also called Rice City.

When will the paddy procurement centers be

For the last few years, the condition of the farmers is bad. Sometimes they are facing unseasonal rains and sometimes drought. The paddy harvesting season is going on in the same district. Some farmers had kept the paddy harvested in the fields. But the produce got wet in the rain. At the same time, some farmers are keeping heaps of paddy for drying. But if it rains again, this paddy will also be snatched from the hands of the farmers. That is why the farmers are scared. The farmers have kept the box of harvested paddy at home, because the paddy procurement centers have not started in the district. The farmers are demanding that the procurement center should be opened soon.

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