Paddy is not only affected by drought, but due to dwarf disease, rice production may be less than expected.

Kharif season is at its peak. Under which the process of sowing of paddy on one hand has been completed. On the other hand, the early variety Rice Moving on to getting ready. In view of this, many states have started preparations to start the paddy procurement process. But, in the midst of all this, everyone is worried about the effect of drought on the paddy crop in many states. Because of this, while there has been a decrease in the area under paddy this year, the Union Food Ministry has released an estimate of reduction in rice production.

However, the current circumstances are not pointing only towards the drought hit the paddy crop. For example, this time in the country, along with drought, the crop of paddy has also been damaged due to dwarf disease. Because of this, the production of rice may be less than expected. Let us understand the extent of reduction in paddy acreage due to drought and the expected reduction in rice production due to this. At the same time, estimates of where and how much crop is damaged due to dwarf disease have come to the fore.

Paddy area reduced by 4.9% due to drought

Paddy crop has been affected this time in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh due to less rain in monsoon. Because of this, the area under paddy is 4.9% less as compared to last year. In fact, the total area under paddy sown across the country has been reported to be 39.3 million hectares, which is 4.9% less than a year ago. At the same time, the average annual area under Kharif paddy in 2016-17 2020-21 was 39.7 million hectares.

Rice production estimated to fall by 12 million tonnes due to drought

On Friday, the Union Food Secretary had released the estimate of production of rice in Kharif season. In which he had issued an estimate of reduction in rice production due to less sowing of paddy. According to the data released by the Food Secretary, it is likely to be lower by 10 to 12 million tonnes compared to last year. Although he had told this as a preliminary estimate.

Dwarf disease on 34 thousand hectare crop in Punjab, production may fall by 5%

Due to dwarf raga in Punjab, this time 34 thousand hectares of paddy crop is expected to be affected. In which dwarf disease effect has been observed in the paddy crops of Mohali (6,440 hectare), Pathankot (4,520 hectare), Gurdaspur (3,933 hectare), Ludhiana (3,500 hectare) and Patiala (3,500 hectare). On an average, 5% crop loss is estimated.

30 thousand hectare crop affected in Haryana, 10 percent paddy affected in Himachal

Cases of dwarf disease in paddy have been reported in Punjab as well as in Haryana and Himachal. According to the information, in Haryana also more than 30 thousand hectares of crops have come under the grip of dwarf disease. Dwarf disease has been seen on 14 thousand hectare crop in Kurukshetra alone. On the other hand, in Himachal Pradesh this Kharif season paddy production is expected to decrease by about 10 percent. The main reason for this is the dwarf disease of paddy. Due to dwarf disease, 20-50 percent of the total paddy crop planted in Sirmaur district alone has been spoiled.

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