Paddy Farming: Farmers who have planted paddy nursery, be careful or else there will be loss

In most parts of the country, farmers have set up paddy nurseries. Agricultural scientists have said that the farmers who have established paddy nursery, they should keep monitoring the disease of Bakani. Plants suffering from Bakani disease grow taller than other plants. Such plants dry up within a few days. which causes damage. Paddy farming (Paddy Farming) If these symptoms are found, sprinkle Carbendizum 2.0 gm per liter of water. Scientists of Indian Agricultural Research have said that if the color of the plants is turning yellow in the paddy nursery, then there may be a deficiency of iron in it. If the upper leaves of the plant are yellow and the lower leaves are green, then it indicates iron deficiency. For this, spray 0.5 percent ferrous sulfate + 0.25 percent lime solution.

Agricultural scientists have said that in this season, farmers should prepare the fields for sowing of maize crop. Its hybrid varieties are AH-421 and AH-58. The improved varieties are Pusa Composite-3, Pusa Composite-4. Buy seeds only from a certified source. Keep seed quantity at 20 kg per hectare. Keep row-row distance 60-75 cm and plant to plant distance 18-25 cm. For weed control in maize, take spray of Atrazine 1 to 1.5 kg per hectare dissolved in 800 liters of water.

Farmers can sow these crops at this time

This time is a good time for sowing jowar for fodder. Therefore, farmers should sow Pusa Chari-9, Pusa Chari-6 or other hybrid varieties. Keep seed quantity at 40 kg per hectare. This is also the right time for sowing cowpea. This time is good for making nursery of chilli, brinjal and cauliflower (varieties ready in September).

Use insect repellent nylon net in the farmer’s nursery, so that the crop can be saved from disease-causing insects. To protect the nursery from strong sunlight, it can be covered with a shady net at a height of 6.5 feet. Sow the seeds in nursery after treatment with Captan (2.0 g/kg seed).

Planting chilli, brinjal and cauliflower

Farmers whose seedlings of chilli, brinjal and cauliflower are ready, they should prepare for transplanting keeping in mind the weather. Sow the rainy season crop of pumpkin vegetables. The improved varieties of bottle gourd are Pusa Naveen, Pusa Samriddhi, Pusa Vishesh of bitter gourd, Pusa Vishwas of Sitaphal, Pusa Vikas, Pusa smooth striped of gourd, Pusa Nasdar and Pusa Uday of cucumber, Pusa Barkha etc.

In the chilli field, uproot the plants affected by the virus and bury them in the ground. After that spray Imidacloprid @ 0.3 ml/Litre. Dig the pits for planting new fruit orchards and leave them open. So that harmful insect-germs and weed seeds etc. are destroyed.

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