Organic farming will go ahead, Madhya Pradesh government has released 2.38 crores for research

The government has taken a step forward in the direction of freeing the farming of Madhya Pradesh from the poison of chemical fertilizers. To encourage organic farming, State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has released Rs. 2 crore 38 lakh 44 thousand to Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Govind Nagar Bankhedi, Hoshangabad. With this amount, a research and testing center for organic farming will be established. This money has been taken from the Mandi Board. Patel said that the Madhya Pradesh government has started efforts to encourage organic and natural farming. From the money that has been released, one crore 86 lakh 48 thousand rupees are for setting up organic research labs and 51 lakh 96 thousand rupees for farmers and students for organic soil testing labs.

Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, a state like Punjab has come under the grip of cancer and many serious diseases. Madhya Pradesh is no exception to this. As the chairman of the Mandi Board, I have taken this first step towards promoting organic farming. The state government has also got programs done to take forward chemical free farming.

Madhya Pradesh is number one in organic farming

The Madhya Pradesh government claims that it is number one in organic farming. Organic farming is being done in about 40 lakh hectares in the country, out of which 17.31 lakh hectares is in Madhya Pradesh alone. A total of 43 lakh farmers are doing organic farming, out of which 7.74 lakh farmers are from MP only. After the initiative of the Modi government, now work on natural farming has started in Madhya Pradesh too. The government has decided to give Rs 900 per month to the people rearing cows for natural farming. To encourage natural farming. The Madhya Pradesh government has also constituted the Natural Farming Board.

Moong crop inspected

On the other hand, the Agriculture Minister inspected the moong crop in Harda district on Wednesday. He said that this time due to release of water from Tawa Dam in Narmadapuram zone, the summer crop of moong is swaying. In Narmadapuram mandal, it is estimated that moong crop is worth more than 4000 crores. In Harda district, this time also the farmers of Narmada Puram division will get the benefit of additional third crop and the economic condition of the farmers will be strengthened. Due to which the income of the farmers will be doubled.