Only 41 quintal onions came to be sold in Bhusaval mandi, yet the price was only 10 rupees per kg, what should farmers do?

The farmers of Maharashtra, who cultivate onions, are very upset for the last few months. Because they have to sell onions at the rate of 50 paise somewhere, 75 paise, somewhere 1 and 5 rupees per kg. The maximum price is up to Rs.15. which is less than the cost of production. Traders are arguing that this year there has been a record yield. Hence the arrivals in the mandis are increasing. Due to which the farmers are getting such a low price. But, farmers say that the argument of higher arrivals and yields is absurd. This is a game of traders to earn more profit. The allegations of the farmers appeared to be proved true on Sunday. Whereas in many mandis, the price of onion despite very low arrivals (Onion Price) did not increase.

Bhusaval (BHUSAVALOn Sunday, only 41 quintals of onion arrived. Despite this, the farmers got the maximum price of onion at Rs 10 per kg. Only 15 quintals of onion arrived in Pimpri Mandi, Pune. Despite this, the farmers here got the minimum price of Rs 10, the average price of 11.5 and the maximum rate of Rs 13 per kg. No farmer has given this information about the arrival of onion. Rather, it has been received from the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board.

What is the price of onion in which market of Maharashtra?

  • On June 19, only 34 quintals of onion arrived in Khadki Vegetable Market in Pune. Despite this, the minimum rate did not exceed Rs 7 per kg. The average price was Rs 10 and the maximum was Rs 13 per kg.
  • A total of 2201 quintals of onion arrived in Ahmednagar’s Akole Mandi on Sunday. Here the minimum price became Rs 1.25 per kg.
  • In Parner Mandi of Ahmednagar, 2346 quintals arrived. Here the minimum price was Rs 2 per kg while the average rate was Rs 11.25 per kg.
  • In Ahmednagar’s Rahata Mandi also, farmers got onion rate of only Rs 2 per kg. Here the average price was found at Rs 11.5 per kg.

15 lakh farmers of Maharashtra are in trouble due to low prices

Bharat Dighole, founder president of Maharashtra Kanda Producer Organization says that Maharashtra (MaharashtraAt least 15 lakh farmers are associated with onion cultivation. Their livelihood is dependent on its cultivation. When farmers start getting good prices, the government either gets the onion imported or tries to bring down its price.

But, when farmers have to sell onions at Re 1 per kg or few paise a kg, neither any official nor any leader is coming to help the farmers. It would have been better if the government would have bought onions from the farmers by giving some profit at least at the cost price. At present, the cost of Rs 16 to 18 per kg is coming.

When will action be taken against middlemen?

Dighole says that the onion trading lobby is very strong. In this, the business of big leaders is more. These traders are currently taking cheap onions and storing them. After two months these same people will sell very expensive onions. This will neither benefit the farmer nor the consumers. Therefore, there is an appeal to the government to take action against profiteering traders and those who play the game of onion business. The day the government tightens the noose on middlemen and profiteers, both farmers and consumers will get relief.

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