Onion prices continue to fall… Still, farmers planted seedlings in Kharif season with confidence and hope

Onion prices have been declining in Maharashtra for the last four months. Despite this, farmers have grown onions on a large scale in the Kharif season. He has once again taken a big risk regarding farming. About 13 thousand hectares in Khandesh of Jalgaon itself farming of onion It’s over. Harvesting will also start in late September and mid October. Farmers say that they are hopeful that the prices may improve during the festival. Farmers have cultivated in Kharif thinking that onion is a cash crop in the state, whose price changes overnight.

However, it is true that the farmers are suffering due to the continuous fall in the prices. In such a situation, he has planted every onion plant of Kharif season with great courage and hope. It remains to be seen whether the market enhances or breaks their spirit. Meets or fulfills their expectations. Hardly anyone takes as much risk as the farmer takes. Even when the rate of onion is running at Re 1 per kg, the transplanting of the next crop is not less than a big risk.

In which district how much has been cultivated

The Khandesh of Nashik, Solapur, Dhule, Nandurbar and Jalgaon districts are famous for onion cultivation. In Dhule district, this time about 8 thousand hectares have been cultivated. However, onion is grown in about 16 to 17 thousand hectares in the district. However, less cultivation has been done in this kharif since the summer season. Here too, there has been a decline in farming due to low rates and rising costs.

So in Jalgaon district, onion has been sown in about three thousand hectares. In some areas, onion cultivation started in early July. About six to six and a half thousand hectares were expected to be cultivated in Jalgaon district. On the other hand, there is an estimate of decrease in onion cultivation in Nashik district as well. Farmers do the planting of Kharif season onions in July-August.

what do farmers say

If the farmer does not do farming, then how will his livelihood work? But the loss deal is not good. Still, for a year or two, he sees losses. Same is the case with onion farmers of Maharashtra. They have reduced cultivation, but have not stopped. Onion growers say that cultivating onions has become expensive this year. Because this year the prices of seeds were between 1000, 1200 to 2000 rupees per kg. Expensive seeds and cost of planting have increased. Whereas the price is getting on average only from 1 to 8 rupees per kg.

What is the solution to the problem of farmers

Bharat Dighole, the founder president of Maharashtra Onion Producers Organization, says that the government itself should see in a scientific way how much is the cost of onion production per kg. After that fix the minimum support price by fixing 50 percent profit on it like other crops. Stop buying at less than that. Only then will the situation of onion farmers improve. Farmers told that onion is a cash crop of the state, its prices increase and decrease overnight. In the hope of increasing the price, farmers have emphasized on the cultivation of onions in the Kharif season.

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