Onion prices continue to fall, how will farmers survive after a huge increase in cost?

This summer, farmers cultivating onions are incurring double losses. For the last few months, the prices of onions have come down so much that farmers are not able to meet the cost of taking onions to the market. On the other hand onions (Onion) The cost of harvesting and labor is also increasing continuously. Farmers say that due to increasing sunlight at this time laborers are not available in the district and even if they are available, due to increase in wages, it is becoming difficult to get onions out of the field. farmers (Farmer) It has to bear the brunt of price fluctuations every year, but is facing a double whammy this year. The rate of harvesting of onions has increased by 30 percent as compared to last year.

The production cost of onion is increasing day by day. Now the role of farmers in this cash crop is changing, as there is no balance between cost of production and real income. The cost of harvest has doubled compared to 2019. On the other hand, the prices of onions are fluctuating. In January, the price of onion was Rs 35 per kg, which is now being sold at Re 1 per kg in many mandis. In such a situation, the cost of harvesting and freight becomes high. But at this time farmers have no option but to harvest onions, so harvesting of onions is starting with higher wages.

This is the demand of farmers’ government

The price of onion fluctuates every year. Despite this, the area under onion is increasing. The area under onion is increasing in the state in the hope of better rates in the coming year. Onion is grown extensively in Nashik, Solapur, Malegaon and other market areas. Most of the onions in the country are grown in Nashik district, but only the farmers here get very low prices. The fluctuation in prices during planting is unpredictable. So, keeping all these factors in mind, farmers and onion growers unions are demanding a minimum of Rs.30 per kg for onions from the administration.

Farmers are storing onions

Onion is a seasonal crop. In addition, the rise and fall of rates is having a direct impact on the producers. The situation is that now farmers are storing onions. Farmer Ganesh Shete says that the cost of production is increasing day by day. In view of this, the government should fix the rates. The lower the rate of growth, the higher the rate of loss. Farmers say that onion is a cash crop. If this is the condition then what will be the condition of other crops. In such a situation, now the farmers of Maharashtra are focusing on storing onions.