Onion Price: Farmers are upset due to not getting the right price, there will be agitation from August 16

The problem of onion growers in Maharashtra is not taking its name to reduce. For the last about 4 months, they are getting the minimum price of 50 paise, anywhere up to Re 1 and Rs 5 per kg. Due to which they are disappointed with the government. This year farmers will be able to complete the entire season. price of onion And the government was sitting on its hands. Against this attitude of the government, the farmers have announced an agitation from August 16. The leaders of the Maharashtra Onion Producer Organization have said that neither the farmer’s onion will be allowed to be brought to the market nor the trader’s during the agitation.

Bharat Dighole, the founder president of Maharashtra Onion Producer Organization, has given this warning of agitation. He said that even after 75 years of independence, the government has not been able to formulate any policy regarding the price of onions. Due to which lakhs of farmers are getting crushed in the mill of exploitation created by traders and middlemen every year. The government is not paying attention to the onion growers. The central and state governments are not considering the demands of the farmers positively. That is why now the onion producing farmers have become angry. Farmers have warned to start agitation on the road by stopping the sale of onions from 16th August.

Anger among farmers against the government

Dighole says that farmers are facing crisis due to falling prices of onions for many months. The government is not paying attention to the farmers. If the government wants, it can fix the minimum price by bringing it under the purview of MSP. But she is not doing this. As soon as there is a slight improvement in the prices, then the government immediately bans the export. In this case the price falls. When the government can play bets to bring down the price, then why not to increase the price.

how much onion price

Farmers say that the cost of onion production is ranging from Rs 15 to 18 per kg. Whereas on an average, farmers are getting only 5 to 8 rupees per kg. Somewhere there is a price of 50 paise a kg and somewhere up to a maximum of 10 rupees. In such a situation, for how long the farmers will continue to suffer losses by selling onions at a penny price. MLAs, MPs and Union Ministers are not ready to speak on this issue. In such a situation, now the onion producing farmers have become angry. The agitation will continue till they get the price of Rs 25 to 30 per kg.

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