Onion Price: Double loss to the farmers of Maharashtra, the price is not getting and the onion kept also started rotting.

The problem of farmers cultivating onions in Maharashtra is increasing. Onion prices have been declining for the last five months. Farmers in the state in 8 to 10 rupees per kg Onion forced to sell. On one hand the prices are getting less and on the other hand the farmers who had stored onions since April in anticipation of increase in prices have now rotted by 30 to 40 percent. That is, farmers are facing double losses.

Bharat Dighole, founder president of Maharashtra Onion Growers’ Organization says that this year Nafed has bought wrongly from the beginning. Bought this year at a lower rate than last year. This year, Nafed had bought at the rate of Rs 9 to Rs 12 per kg, due to which the farmers have to suffer.

Farmers are expressing displeasure with Nafed

The organization’s president Bharat Dighole says that Nafed has bought wrongly this year. Because this time Nafed had given the right to buy the Federation of Farmer Producer Company while not buying it from the mandis. Due to this too the farmers have suffered double losses. Dighole says that what Nafed bought this year was not in the interest of the farmers.

The government did not pay attention to the export of onions

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde had written a letter to Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, requesting the purchase of onions through NAFED. Nafed has already procured 2 lakh 38 thousand tonnes of onions. The Chief Minister had demanded that it should be increased by 2 lakh tonnes.

However, Bharat Dighole, founder president of Maharashtra Onion Producers Organization, says that the procurement policy of NAFED is wrong. He bought onions last year at the rate of Rs 23 to 24 per kg, so how did he pay only Rs 9 to 12 this year? It should be on this. So that there is pressure on the traders. Onion exports should have been emphasized. But the government did not do so.

What did the farmers ask for?

Bharat Dighole told that due to the poor export policy of onion, the onion price is very low this year. When the government is saying that production is more, it should have exported more. But this did not happen. Couldn’t export much. The organization had written a letter to the state government and demanded that the state government should talk to the central government that maximum attention should be paid to the export of onions, so that farmers get relief in terms of prices. Apart from this, the organization had demanded to bring onion under the minimum support price by fixing the profit of farmers on it according to the cost.

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