Now there will be no wastage of crops, farmers will be able to identify pests and diseases from this app while sitting at home

farmers Good news for. Now they are used for protection after disease or pest attack in crops. agriculture center Or there will be no need to visit government offices. They can find out all the diseases affecting the crops by clicking photos from mobile while sitting at home. In fact, Switzerland’s agricultural chemical company Syngenta has introduced a feature in its mobile app to identify pest or disease attack on the crop. The specialty of this feature is that it gives information about the solution of diseased crops only by taking a photo.

Agricultural chemical company Syngenta said in a statement that it has introduced a new feature ‘Crop Doctor’ in its crop-wise ‘Grower App’ introduced in August this year. Sushil Kumar, Managing Director (MD) and Country Head, Syngenta India said that farmers globally are facing multiple challenges including climate change, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity. He said that the newly added feature will be very helpful for the farmers.

Syngenta will provide information on products

Sachin Kamra, Head of Farmer Centric Ecosystem, Syngenta India Pvt Ltd, said that farmers only need to click a photo from the Grower app to use this feature. The Crop Doctor will identify pests or diseases and provide information on Syngenta products to be used.

App launched in 10 languages

According to the information, ‘Grover App’ has been launched in 10 languages ​​including Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, English, Marathi, Gujarati and Marathi. In just 75 days, more than 3 lakh farmers have installed this app. At the same time, Sachin Kamra said that the use of this ‘Grover App’ will increase the yield of crops. Along with this, the income of the farmers will also increase. He said that at the same time farmers will be empowered by helping and guiding them in applying irrigation, fertilizers and crop protection products to their crops. He said that 10 more major crops including paddy, tomato and maize would be added to this app in the coming days.

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