Now there will be no sale of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides in grain markets, government and brokers face to face

In Haryana, the government and the agent have come face to face. This time the issue is related to the sale of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides. Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board has ordered to stop the sale of these agricultural inputs in the shops of the mandis. That is, now the grain markets (Anaj MandiFertilizers, seeds and pesticides will not be sold in shops located in On the orders of the board, the mandi committees have started taking action against such shopkeepers who are selling fertilizers, seeds and pesticides in the grain markets. Actually, this action has started after an RTI. In which information related to the business of agricultural input was sought in the mandis.

Mandi committees have given notices to such arhtiyas and traders that according to the allotment letter of the shops, no work can be done in them except for the purchase and sale of agricultural produce. Therefore, the sale of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in these shops is wrong. The licenses of those selling it will be cancelled. On the other hand, Haryana Pradesh Trade Board has decided to oppose this decision. Bajrang Garg, the provincial president of the board and former chairman of Confed, said that it is not illegal to sell agricultural inputs in the mandis. Some traders are saying that their shop is free hold, so they can sell anything in it.

Farmers get convenience from these shops

Garg said that since fertilizers, seeds and pesticides are used in agriculture, there is no point in stopping its sale in the mandis. Haryana Government should issue orders to the Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board to sell agricultural inputs in all the mandis of the state with immediate effect. So that the farmers are saved from running too much. Farmers get convenience because of these shops. They come to sell food grains and take whatever agricultural inputs they need including fertilizers, seeds and pesticides.

How many shops are selling fertilizers and seeds

Traders leader Garg said that other trade should be allowed in the mandis of the state where there is no job of brokerage. There are 90 grain markets in the state. In which there are 40,000 licensed arhtiyas. Whereas there are only 2000 shops in which agricultural inputs are being sold. Farmers first need seeds, fertilizers and medicines for the production of their crops. The farmer sells his crop through Adhatiya in the grain markets. The choli of farmers and arhtiyas is with Daman. In such a situation, it is absolutely wrong to issue a decree by the Haryana Market Board not to do the work of fertilizers, seeds and medicines in the grain markets.

Farmers will have trouble

The former chairman of Haryana Confed said that there is no trade with the arhtiyas in many grain markets. Due to which the brokers are running in loss. The government should be allowed to do business of every trade in all the mandis where there is no work by conducting a survey of the grain markets of the state. Agriculture input trade is going on in many mandis in Haryana. Now the problem has started with them stopping the work of selling fertilizers and seeds. Farmers will also be upset due to this.

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