New bet to promote natural farming, 40 thousand farmers got training

Madhya Pradesh is number one in organic farming. Following the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it also wants to be at the forefront of natural farming. in the state natural farming Continuous work is being done to promote it. 40 thousand farmers of the state have been trained to adopt natural farming, organic production, to get fair price, Jeevamrut, Beejamrut, cow dung manure, vermi compost and to prepare organic insecticides for the prevention of diseases and pests.

State’s Agriculture Director Preeti Maithil said this. She was speaking on the sidelines of the signing of MoU between Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Department and Chairperson National Coalition for Natural Farming (NCNF) to further promote natural farming.

What did the director of agriculture say

Agriculture Director Preeti Maithil has said that the MoU will prove effective in making farmers aware of natural farming and increasing their income by reducing the cost of farming. NCNF President Mir Shah said that Madhya Pradesh is a leading state in the country in the field of natural farming. Here indigenous cows are being promoted for natural farming. For this, help of Rs 900 per month is being given to those who do animal husbandry.

Trying to move forward in natural farming

Natural farming will help in improving the health of the people and maintaining the fertility of the land. Efforts are being made to work in a better way in the field of natural farming in the state to prevent the fertility of the land getting depleted due to the continuous use of chemical fertilizers, earthworms getting destroyed and human-borne diseases being born. By increasing the area of ​​natural farming, the government is working continuously to increase the income of farmers by reducing the cost of cultivation.

Farmers will be made aware about natural farming

NCNF along with 23 like-minded partner organizations will play an important role in promoting natural farming in the state and benefiting the farmers. For natural farming, NCNF will cooperate in Nature Positive Agriculture and Nature Based Solution. Apart from this, there will also be a strong partnership with the government at the policy and implementation level.

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