Mustard Price: The price of mustard increased by Rs 2100 a quintal above the minimum support price, farmers’ bat-bat

Farmers cultivating wheat, cotton and soybean are in profit this year. They are getting more than the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for these crops. In this case, even the farmers producing mustard are not behind. The work of taking out mustard from the fields is just over. Still, its rate is above MSP. That too up to Rs 2100 per quintal. This is the price of Rajasthan, the country’s largest mustard producing state, where the maximum price has reached Rs 7150 per quintal. While the MSP of mustard has been fixed at Rs 5,050 per quintal. Mustard price is running up to a minimum of Rs 6711 per quintal. Mustard is the second most important oilseed crop after soybean. Whose contribution to edible oils is about 28%.

International conditions of edible oils are giving strength to mustard prices. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the import of sunflower oil has reduced a lot at this time. Its pressure is visible on palm oil. On the other hand, Indonesia, the world’s largest palm oil producer, has banned exports. Whereas we import crude palm oil the most from here. Due to the closure of exports, the price pressure has increased here. On the other hand, soybean production in Argentina is expected to decrease. In such a situation, the mustard crop is failing. Mustard farmers are expecting that this year the price will be almost double the MSP.

This is also one of the reasons for the rise in the price of mustard.

India is dependent on countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Ukraine in terms of edible oils. We import edible oil worth Rs 70000 crore every year. Domestic production is unable to meet the edible oils demand in the country. The domestic demand for edible oils is around 250 lakh tonnes, while the average production is only 112 lakh tonnes. There is a gap of about 56% between demand and supply. Therefore, the rate of mustard will continue to rise. After the Kovid period, the tendency of people to eat mustard oil has increased as compared to refined.

how much is the price in which market

  • In Chaksu Mandi of Jaipur, the minimum price of mustard was Rs 6600, maximum 7291 and the model price was Rs 7150 per quintal.
  • In Chittorgarh, the minimum price of mustard was 6666, the maximum price was 6751 and the average rate was Rs 6721.
  • In Sawai Madhopur, the minimum price was Rs 6695, the maximum was 7073 and the model price was Rs 6884 per quintal.
  • Minimum 6500 maximum 7500 and model price was Rs 6800 per quintal in Jodhpur grain market.
  • In Dausa Lalsot Mandi, the minimum price was Rs 6711 while the maximum rate was Rs 7000 per quintal.

(Rajasthan, 11 May 2022)

how much area how much production

According to the estimates of the Central Government, 115 lakh tonnes of mustard production is estimated this year. In the year 2021, only 102.10 lakh tonnes was produced. Edible Oil Traders Federation has estimated production up to 125 lakh tonnes. Because the sown area had increased by about 19 lakh hectares. Due to the Russo-Ukraine war and the export ban by Indonesia, mustard farmers are hoping that they will get a good price.