Mushroom farming: Farmers are making good profits at low cost

There are some farmers in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, who have come out as an example for other farmers. Who has presented a new story by adopting the advanced technology of farming. Today we are going to give you information about the advanced farming techniques of one such farmer. Farmer Gopal, a resident of Dibiyapur, Hardoi, has been working for a long time. Mushroom farming By doing this, you are earning profit of lakhs. Earlier, he was carrying forward his farming work through traditional farming only.

Gopal got information regarding mushroom production on stubble through the Choupal of the Horticulture Department. He started its production in a small village at very low cost, and now he is cultivating it in a big farm. The farmer says that for this he has taken the help of straw which has become a headache for the farmers. The farmer was destroying it by burning it in the fields. But he is cultivating mushrooms with its help.

In how many days does the production get

He told that after mixing straw and stubble together and preparing it as compost, then the mushroom seeds are planted. He told that there is a profit of about Rs 2 lakh in the goods produced. He told that after planting the seeds, good production of mushroom is available within about 20 days. He is producing mushrooms by building a farm house in a large area. Seeing them, the nearby farmers have also started producing mushrooms.

Mushroom markets are in great demand

The farmer told that apart from Hardoi, his mushroom is going to be sold in many mandis of the country. Traders themselves are contacting them and selling their good mushrooms by packing them in big mandis of the country. Due to which they are getting a lot of profit. Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar told that many farmers of Hardoi district are doing it in a professional manner. Mushrooms are known by names like mushroom and umbrella. It is a kind of fungus. Mushroom is nutritious, delicious, disease resistant as well as a special food diet, many experienced farmers of Hardoi have improved the economy of agriculture by exporting it by commercial cultivation.

Many nutritious elements are found in mushrooms

The District Horticulture Officer said that the month of June has been considered very suitable for its cultivation. The temperature of 26 degrees is beneficial for cultivation. The farmers of the district are cultivating by making a mixer of straw and straw. These farmers have invented new technology. Due to which the problem of stubble in the fields is getting rid of. The first crop circle is completed in about 7 weeks. Which is broken and supplied in the market. Dr Sher Singh told that mushroom is a very beneficial nutritious food for the human body. It contains salts, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins. Vitamin B is found in this more than other foods. Vitamin D found in it drives away dry disease.

Doctors mostly recommend eating it to get more calories. Hardoi’s District Horticulture Inspector Hariom told that the farmers here dry and keep the mushroom when there is more production, there is a lot of demand in the market. The farmers of the district are being made aware from time to time about mushroom production, for this they are also being given grants. Farmers are earning huge profits from mushroom production.

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