Monsoon: Monsoon arrives in Rice City of Maharashtra, paddy farmers happy

Monsoon Vidarbha Region (Vidarbha Area) I have also reached. Farmers are happy with this. He has started sowing of Kharif crops. Till last week, there was no rain here, due to which the sowing of Kharif season was getting affected. It rained heavily in Gondia district on Sunday. i.e. monsoon (Monsoon) reached. This has brought relief to the farmers of the district. The Agriculture Department is confident that if the rain continues in Gondia district, soon the picture of agriculture will change here. Moisture is essential for sowing crops. That is why the farmers were waiting for the rain. However, in this waiting sowing has been delayed by 15 days. The Agriculture Department has said that if farmers are facing any problem for sowing crops like soybean and cotton, if there is any confusion, then they can contact the department and get the right advice.

Gondia District (Gondia DistrictPaddy is the main crop. It is also known as the Rice City of Maharashtra. How much paddy is produced there, it can be gauged from the fact that in Kharif marketing season 2020-21, farmers of Maharashtra got a total of Rs 3547 crore by selling paddy, out of which Rs 1346 crore was received by the farmers only here. Water consumption is high in paddy cultivation. That’s why the farmers here were eagerly waiting for the rain. The weather took a turn and this wish of the farmers here was fulfilled.

Here the farmers were waiting for the rain

Diesel rates have become expensive. Therefore, if we irrigate with pumpset, then the cost of cultivation will be high. So the farmers were waiting for the rain. Monsoon had arrived in Vidarbha three days ago, but there was no rain in the district. However, the Meteorological Department had predicted moderate to heavy rains in Vidarbha over the weekend. After all, it rained heavily in the beginning of Sunday morning. Due to which now they will start sowing crops like paddy, soybean and cotton etc. More water is collected in the low lying areas, so paddy is cultivated in them.

Waiting for good rain in these districts too

Apart from this, farmers are also waiting for rain in Bhandara, Gadchilori and Chandrapur. Because there is good cultivation of paddy in these districts also. The cost of production of paddy in Maharashtra is the highest in the country. Therefore, for many years, farmers were getting bonus to the farmers on top of the minimum support price. However, this year was not found. Therefore, there is some disappointment among the paddy cultivators. But there are some areas in these districts where there is so much water that there is no other crop other than paddy. Therefore, cultivation of paddy is a compulsion in such areas.

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