Mango orchards were ruined due to rising temperature, farmer lost lakhs

The problem of farmers is also increasing due to rising temperature. Mango growers have been affected the most by the wrath of nature. In fact, in Kalamb taluka of Osmanabad district, due to the rising mercury these days, due to burning of electric wires installed in mango orchards in strong sunlight, mangoes were planted in 5 acres of farmer’s land. (Mango) The gardens have been completely burnt down. Due to this the farmer has lost lakhs. Seeing this incident, all the farmers of the village are scared that how will they keep the crops safe in such temperature. The Agriculture Department has also been shocked to see this. Farmer (Farmer) Digambar Kapse told that the mango orchards were destroyed due to rising temperature. I have suffered a loss of 10 lakhs. The farmer is now demanding compensation from the administration.

The mercury has been rising rapidly in Marathwada for the last few days. The temperature has reached 42 degree Celsius. As a result, summer crops are at risk. At the same time, fruit orchards are also seen in trouble. Mango orchards are now completely ready. In such a situation, due to such an incident, the farmers of the village have got scared about their crops.

The farmer suffered a loss of lakhs

Farmer Digambar Kapse told that he had planted mango orchards with great effort in his 5 acres of land. At this time the mango was completely ready, but the rising mercury ruined everything. Due to this I have lost 10 lakhs. The farmer says that it is not possible to keep and sell it now. At the same time, there is a fear in the mind of the farmer whether he will get compensation or not. Farmers are saying that they have not seen the scorching heat from today. Rising temperature has increased the problem of farmers.

What did the Agriculture Department say?

Inspection of the orchard is also being done by the Agriculture Officer at the stage of harvesting. The farmer says that the mangoes of my orchards were completely ready. All they had to do was pluck them from the trees. In such a situation, the entire garden got burnt due to short circuit. The Agriculture Department is also surprised to see this. Farmers are cultivating mango since last 3 years. He has mango orchards in 10 acres of land, out of which 5 acres of fruit has been destroyed due to fire.