Madhya Pradesh: Vaccination of more than 1 lakh animals to control lumpy skin disease

animal husbandry this year lumpy skin disease It’s got a big hit. This infectious disease, which started from Rajasthan, has spread to many parts of the country. It is being told that about 60 thousand cows have died in the country. Many states, including Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab affected by this, are claiming that they are buying vaccines to prevent lumpi, but the truth is that cows are dying amidst these claims. The Madhya Pradesh government has claimed that so far it has got more than 1 lakh 2 thousand cows vaccinated.

Madhya Pradesh’s Animal Husbandry and Dairy Director Dr. RK Mehia said that due to constant vigilance of the government and administration and convincing the villagers, the cases of lumpy are under control. It is a matter of satisfaction that the cases have not increased but have decreased to some extent. He said that through continuous video conferencing, the divisional and district level officers and lab in-charges of the Animal Husbandry Department are being guided by subject-experts. By continuously reviewing the situation, efforts are on to increase the immunity of the cow lineage.

What are the symptoms of lumpy skin disease?

Animals suffering from lumpi disease initially have fever. They stop eating fodder. After this, lumps start appearing on the skin. The animal appears tired and lethargic. Running water from the nose and walking limp. On seeing this symptom, the veterinarian should immediately contact his nearest veterinary hospital or veterinary dispensary and get treatment of sick animals. The animal usually recovers in 10 to 12 days.

Do’s and Don’ts of Veterinarians

  • Immediately isolate the infected animal from the healthy animal.
  • Get immediate treatment from the vet.
  • Ban the sale of animals, animal exhibition, animal related games etc. in the market of the infected area.
  • Stop the movement of animals, so that it does not spread from one place to another.
  • Keep cleanliness in places like infected animal area, house, cowshed etc.
  • Use bacteria and virus killer chemicals in Gaushala.
  • Effectively control parasites such as mites, flies, mosquitoes etc. on the animal’s body.
  • Get healthy animals vaccinated and also provide necessary support to the veterinarian.

what is rajasthan government doing

On the other hand, to control lumpy skin disease in Rajasthan, the government is appointing livestock assistants and veterinarians in a hurry. Because many posts of Animal Husbandry Department are vacant here. Due to which there is a problem in getting control of this disease. Orders for regular appointment of 730 Livestock Assistants have been issued. Similarly, about 200 veterinary officers have also been given temporary appointments. Emergency budget has been given to buy medicines. Animal haats and fairs have been banned.

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