Lumpy Skin Disease: Yogi government will draw ‘Lakshman Rekha’ in UP for virus, 199 cattle have died

The terror of Lumpy Skin Disease continues in the country these days. Alam is that Lumpy Skin Disease has spread in more than 12 states of the country. So at the same time more than 56 thousand cattle have died due to this. In which 199 cattle from Uttar Pradesh are also included. Meanwhile, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has taken an important decision to keep the state’s cows and other cattle safe from the Lumpy Skin Disease virus. under which Yogi Sarkar To protect the cow and buffalo from this virus, has decided to draw the Lakshman Rekha. For example, the UP government has planned to make an immune belt to prevent the virus.

According to the information, the Animal Husbandry Department has given a presentation to the Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra on the master plan related to the immune belt. On which the Government has agreed.

This immune belt will be built in 300 km between Pilibhit and Etawah

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to make an immune belt to protect the cattle of the state from the Lumpy Skin Disease virus. This immune belt will be established between Pilibhit and Etawah districts i.e. in a total radius of 300 km long and 10 km wide. This immune belt will pass through 5 districts and 23 blocks of the state. The main objective behind making this immune belt is to prevent the spread of the virus overall.

Belt between rest of Uttar Pradesh and infected West UP

To prevent the spread of Lumpy Skin Disease, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to make an immune belt. Its purpose is to separate the rest of Uttar Pradesh from the infected West UP. In fact, cases of Lumpy Skin Disease have so far been reported in the districts of West UP only. Out of which the highest number of cases have been reported in Aligarh, Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur. At the same time, this virus is spreading rapidly in Mathura, Bulandshahr, Baghpat, Hapur, Meerut, Shamli and Bijnor. In view of this, the Uttar Pradesh government has prepared a plan to cover a distance of about 300 km from Pilibhit to Etawah through a 10-km-wide immune belt. In a way, West UP is being made this belt among other districts of the state.,./
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Immune belt will work like this

The 300 km long immune belt to be made by the UP government is known as the Malaysian model. According to the information, a task force will be formed by the Animal Husbandry Department to monitor the virus in the area with the immune belt. This task force will handle the tracking and treatment of animals infected with the virus. So at the same time, this forson will not only keep a close watch on the infected animals, but will also make arrangements to keep them within the immune belt.

In fact, 21,619 cows from 2,331 villages in the state have been infected with the lumpi virus so far, out of which 199 have died. While 9,834 have been treated and they have been cured. To control the deadly virus, the Yogi government is running a massive vaccination campaign. So far more than 5,83,600 cattle have been vaccinated.

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