Lumpy skin disease: Madhya Pradesh government issued helpline number, ban on movement of animals

spreading rapidly among milch animals lumpy skin disease The Madhya Pradesh government has increased vigilance regarding this. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held a meeting for the third time in a month to control the lumpi virus. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the state level disease control helpline number (0755-2767583, toll free number 1962) has been issued in Bhopal. CM Chouhan has called the officers of the Animal Husbandry Department and instructed them to control this disease at the earliest.

Chouhan said that the officers should inform the livestock owners about the measures to save the animals from this disease. Make them aware by calling the gram sabha. Vaccination of animals in Gaushalas should be done rapidly. Take this disease very seriously. If an animal is sick, do not hide its illness. Rather make people aware. Strictly restrict the movement of infected animals, so that other animals do not get infected.

tracking the movement of animals

Actually, the concern of the Madhya Pradesh government has increased about Lumpi because it is adjacent to both Rajasthan and Gujarat. Lumpy has the most havoc in both. There is a large amount of animal movement in both the states. In such a situation, the risk of spreading infection from one state to another increases. Therefore, the government is monitoring the movement of animals especially in the districts adjoining Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Major symptoms of lumpy skin disease

  • Mild fever in infected animal.
  • Excessive salivation from the mouth and watery discharge from the eyes and nose.
  • Swollen lymph nodes and feet and decreased milk production.
  • Abortion in pregnant animals and sometimes death of the animal.
  • A large number of lumps of size 2 to 5 cm are formed in the skin on the body of the animal.

How to Prevent Lumpy

  • Keep infected animals or herds separate from healthy animals.
  • Destroy parasitic insects, mites, flies, mosquitoes etc. of animals with insecticides and virus killers.
  • Keep the animal’s housing or enclosure clean.
  • Prevent the movement of animals from the infected area to other areas.
  • When symptoms of the disease appear, start getting treatment from the vet.
  • Stop animal markets, fairs and buying and selling of animals till the outbreak of disease in the area stops.
  • Get healthy animals vaccinated.
  • If symptoms of lumpy skin disease are seen in animals, contact the nearest veterinary hospital.

The state government claims that the Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department is taking special vigilance by issuing alerts for the prevention and control of lumpy skin disease in the state. Vaccination of animals is being done in infected areas and districts. Sick animals are being given medicine.

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