Lumpy Skin Disease: Even after two months, the disease is not completely controlled, who is responsible for the death of cows?

Despite all the efforts in Rajasthan till now lumpy skin disease could not be controlled. While two months have passed since it spread. The government is making claims on claim, but the situation is not improving. On the other hand, despite the death of about 75 thousand bovine animals in the country, till now the central government has not declared it an epidemic. Whereas the Rajasthan government is repeatedly writing letters to the Center for this. Animals are in the grip of this disease not only in Rajasthan but also in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Haryana and UP.

On the other hand, Rajasthan Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria claimed that all necessary steps are being taken by the Animal Husbandry Department with alertness and sensitivity regarding the lumpy skin disease spreading in the cattle animals in the state. Rapid vaccination is being done through Confed to supply essential medicines to the districts at the earliest. So far 13 lakh 63 thousand animals have been vaccinated in the state. More than 1 lakh animals have been vaccinated in Pratapgarh and Jhalawar districts.

Claim of recovery of 7.73 lakh animals in the state

Kataria said that for the prevention of lumpy skin disease, Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation and Animal Husbandry Department are jointly vaccinating bovine animals to prevent lumpi. It is claimed that out of 13.63 lakh animals affected by lumpi in the state, 12.49 lakh have been treated so far, in which 7.73 lakh animals have become healthy. On the other hand, full cooperation is being received from Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samitis and local bodies in the scientific method of disposal of dead animals.

where how much vaccination

Animal Husbandry Minister said that till now 55883 in Ajmer district, 37697 in Kuchaman City, 61222 in Bharatpur, 86292 in Chittorgarh, 80590 in Alwar, 34763 in Jaipur, 3796 in Jhunjhunu, 88000 in Banswara, 9328 in Rajsamand, 75233, Bundi in Kota In 75315, 98188 in Barra, 102993 in Jhalawar, 100399 in Pratapgarh and 70576 in Udaipur have been vaccinated.

Cattle farmers will get medicine kit

Department’s Governance Secretary PC Kishan said that lumpi disease can be controlled soon with the cooperation from the concerned departments as well as voluntary organizations and non-governmental organizations. For the treatment and follow-up of lumpy skin disease, orders have been issued to prepare a kit of medicines and distribute them to the livestock owners. The recent appointments of veterinarians and livestock assistants will give impetus to the vaccination campaign.

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