Lumpy Skin Disease: 197 cattle found infected in Marathwada, vaccination campaign started

In Maharashtra too, the risk of Lumpy Skin Disease on cattle is increasing day by day. Lumpy skin disease is spreading rapidly in 20 districts of the state. That’s why the farmers are worried. So far 2386 cases of lumpi virus have been reported in the state. Out of which more than 42 cattle have died. So if he only talks about Marathwada, then there are 197 animals. lumpy skin disease have been infected with. Of these, 78 cattle have been cured so far after treatment. Cases infected with this disease are being seen in 53 villages of Marathwada. The administration has also become alert about this disease.

Lumpy skin disease is now spreading rapidly in Maharashtra also through Rajasthan, Gujarat. Farmers in the state are already troubled by the havoc of nature. In such a situation, now the increasing cases of Lumpy virus on cattle has increased the concern of the farmers. Animal husbandry is practiced on a large scale in Maharashtra.

Vaccination of 43 thousand animals completed in Marathwada

It is being told from the administration that more than 197 cattle in Marathwada are infected with lumpy skin disease. 66 thousand vaccines have been made available in Marathwada. In Marathwada, vaccination of 43 thousand animals out of 2.5 lakh has been completed. Two lakh animals are yet to be vaccinated. At present there is a stock of 66 thousand vaccines across the state. But, 3 lakh vaccines are required for vaccination in eight districts. About 60 thousand cattle have died due to this disease in the country. In Maharashtra, more than 42 cattle have died.

Threat increased in 20 districts of the state

Lumpy skin disease is increasing in animals in the state. That’s why the farmers are worried. The danger has spread in 20 districts of the state. Therefore, precautionary steps are being taken by the state government. Animal markets were completely closed in the state. Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil has also informed that the government has stopped the movement of all cows and bullocks from September 9 to protect cattle from lumpy skin disease. Vikhe Patil said that the state government will do more than 1 crore vaccinations to prevent lumpi.

In which district of Marathwada how many cattle are affected?

Aurangabad – 33
Jalna – 7
Beed – 26
Parbhani – 20
Most in Latur – 102
Osmanabad – 9 animals affected

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