Lumpy skin disease: 18.5 lakh cattle infected so far in the country, 12.5 lakh cases reported from Rajasthan alone

After the corona epidemic, the country is once again in the grip of infectious diseases. This time Lumpy skin disease He has made cattle his prey. Alam is that Lumpy skin disease has spread its feet very fast across the country and has infected cattle. For example, at present, cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported from more than 15 states of the country. So far, about 18.5 lakh cattle have been infected with lumpy skin disease across the country. Out of which 12.5 lakh cases have been reported from Rajasthan alone.

The first case came to light on 23 April

Lumpy skin disease has spread rapidly across the country. For example, the journey from zero cases to nearly million cases has been covered by the virus in 5 months, which remains worrying. In fact, the first case of lumpy skin disease was reported on 23 April, during which the first case was reported from Kutch in Gujarat. After which Lumpy skin disease caught the cattle of many states on seeing it. The rapid spread of lumpy skin disease remains a matter of concern.

More than 75000 cattle died

So far more than 75000 cattle have died due to lumpy skin disease. Out of which the maximum number of cases have been reported from Rajasthan itself. After this, cases of death of cattle due to lumpy skin disease have been reported from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Jharkhand. Cows are most affected by lumpy skin disease.

Vaccination campaign continues for prevention

Vaccination campaign is going on for the prevention of lumpy skin disease. Under which the infected cattle are being given vaccines for gout pox. Which are showing their effective effect. According to the information, 30 lakh vaccines have been given to Rajasthan alone. At the same time, for the prevention of lumpy skin disease, arrangements have been made for 1.5 crore doses of goat pox. At the same time, the vaccine for lumpy skin disease has also been developed in the country. Whose production is going on these days. According to the information, in areas where cases of lumpy skin disease have not been reported, a dose of ‘1 ml’ of gout pox is being given. At the same time, ‘3 ml’ dose of ‘Goat Pox’ vaccine is being used in the infection-affected areas.

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