Lemon Price: What is the rate of lemon reaching Rs 300 per kg now?

It was hardly 20 days ago when the price of lemon in different markets of the country (Lemon Price) had reached a record high of Rs 250 to 300 per kg. But now its price has come to the ground. At present, the price is running from Rs 48 to Rs 135 per kg. The low production of lemon and the inflation of diesel were being said to be the reason for lemon becoming expensive, but all these reasons remained unresolved. It is said that big middlemen have earned good money by spreading rumors of sorties. Otherwise, how could its rate have come down so suddenly?

However, lemon production (Lemon Production) also cannot be ruled out. It is being told that there has been an increase in the arrival of lemons in many markets, due to which the prices have come down. At present, due to the heat, the scope of further reduction in the rate is visible. farmers (Farmers) It is said that the traders have taken advantage of the increased price and not the farmers.

where is the price

  • In Jalgaon on May 10, the minimum price of lemon was Rs 3000, the average price was Rs 5500 per quintal.
  • In Aurangabad, the minimum price was 3500 while the maximum was 9500.
  • The maximum price of hybrid lemon in Nashik was Rs.8500 and the minimum was Rs.4500.
  • On May 9, 183 quintals of lemon had arrived in the Pune market. After which the average price here came down to Rs 4800 per quintal. Here the minimum price was only Rs 1000 a quintal and the maximum was Rs 8500.
  • There was an arrival of 370 quintals in the mandi of Mumbai. Here the model price i.e. the average price has been reduced to Rs 8000 per quintal. Here the maximum price had reached Rs 10000 a quintal.
  • The most expensive price was in Moshi Market, Pune. Where the minimum price of lemon was 12000, maximum 15000 and average rate was Rs 13500 per quintal. The arrival here was only 18 quintals.

What is the production in the country

According to agricultural experts, the production of lemon in the country is about 37 lakh tonnes. Lemon is cultivated in about three and a quarter lakh hectares every year in the country. Lemon bears fruit thrice a year. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are the main producers in the country. Out of these, the arrivals were affected so there was a rise in the prices. When the arrivals became normal, then the prices stabilized after coming to the previous position.

what do farmers say

Sambhaji Gute is a farmer leader from Maharashtra. They say that there is a decrease in lemon production but there is not such a shortage that the price becomes Rs 300 per kg. Due to the disturbances in the supply chain, some middlemen made the rates so high. It is not the fault of the farmers.