Leave the cultivation of traditional crops, farmers increasing their income from green peas

The farmers who have adopted crop diversification leaving traditional farming are earning good profit. In Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, many farmers are doing farming apart from traditional. some farmers green pea cultivation Earning a lot of profit from Unseasoned green peas get a good price in the market. Harishchandra, a resident of Bilgram here, told that he has been cultivating peas for a long time. The green peas produced by him are being sold in the mandis of Lucknow and Bareilly.

There is a good demand for their peas in the mandis even at the district level. It is a hand-selling crop. The farmer told that the fields are flourishing in the middle of white flowers laden with beans. He is happy to see a good harvest. Seeing them, good production of green peas is also being done in the surrounding area. The area has sandy soil. The beauty of the crop has increased even more due to the raindrops falling from the sky. The farmer told that more than 100 quintals of green peas are produced in about 1 hectare.

how much is the price

At present, the price of green peas in the market is Rs 80 per kg. Sometimes this price rises up to Rs 100 per kg. Apart from the district, selling green pea pods in mandis outside the district makes more profit. He told that green peas grown in Hardoi are going to Delhi, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Traders are buying green peas out of hand. The farmer told that pea pods ripen in about 150 days. The price of dry peas is also very good.

how much is profit

In early varieties, about 100 kg of seed is required per hectare. There is a profit of 3 to 5 lakh rupees in about one hectare in a crop. Farmers have improved their financial condition by cultivating green peas in many tehsil areas of Hardoi. Dr. Nandkishore, Director of Agriculture, Hardoi said that farmers are given information about improved seeds from time to time. The farmers here are cultivating varieties like Jawahar Matar, Azad Matar, Pant Matar, Early Badger etc.

how much is the yield

In India, peas are also used to make a variety of dishes. It is up to 8 tons in one hectare. The length of pea pods is 9 cm. In which an average of 8 grains are found in each. A large number of farmers in the district are earning good profits by cultivating peas. From time to time, by visiting the fields, agricultural inspectors are giving information about crop protection to the farmers to protect them from improved seeds and pests.

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