Know what is FPO and Cluster System? Due to which small farmers are getting rich like this

Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar organized in Pune gardening While addressing the program related to the expansion of the value chain, he said that our farmers, like the soldiers working for the defense of the country, are commendable. Farmers make many sacrifices to fill the stomach of the country. Narendra Singh Tomar said that working in both the fields of defense and agriculture is to work for the country. Those working in these fields earn livelihood, as well as strengthen the soul of the country.

Narendra Singh Tomar said that villages are the soul of the country. If the villages are prosperous and self-sufficient, then the country itself will be prosperous and self-sufficient. According to them, agriculture is our priority and the backbone of the economy. He said that there is a need to make agriculture a pioneer, because the traditional economy of agriculture and villages is the biggest strength of the country. No matter how adverse the situation may come, it will prove to be helpful in keeping the economy standing. The Union Minister said that we need to worry about the income of the farmers. At the same time, the businessman-entrepreneur should keep in mind that the farmer should get maximum money for the trade of agricultural products. This will make our farmers prosperous and the next generation will also be inspired to take up farming.

PM Modi has been emphasizing on indigenous methods for 8 years

In fact, a program related to the expansion of horticulture value chain in India was organized in Pune on Tuesday by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. People related to horticulture including farmers, FPOs, startups and bankers were present in this. During this, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, who was present as the chief guest, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been emphasizing on indigenous methods for the last 8 years. How the indigenous methods of farming should be changed according to the modern era, how it can survive in the competition of the world, Modiji constantly urges in this direction.

According to Narendra Singh Tomar, PM Modi has not only talked about increasing the income of farmers, but has taken many measures, connecting the state governments and farmers. Encouraged agri startups, gave farmers the protection cover of crop insurance. Tried to solve the challenges before agriculture at the earliest. Efforts have also been made to stop migration from villages along with the availability of employment related to agriculture for the educated youth in the villages, whose positive results are coming. Tomar said that today youth, retired employees, people associated with the corporate sector are also coming forward for farming. People’s interest in organic and natural farming is also increasing. 4 lakh crore of agricultural products. The record has been exported.

We strive to be the first among all products

Tomar said that today India is self-sufficient in the matter of food grains. At the same time we are supplying to the world. India ranks first or second in the world in most of the agricultural products. Our endeavor is to stand first in all products. The Government of India is working rapidly in this direction. Along with food crops, horticulture cultivation is also being promoted. The Union Minister said that the Central Government has started Horticulture Mission for small farmers. At the same time, conducted the cluster program and started the scheme of FPO. Efforts are made that small farmers should do farming together, so that they get maximum benefits.

2023 will be observed as the International Year of Nutritious Cereals

He said that farmers will not have to go to traders if they are united in FPO and cluster system. Rather, the traders will be compelled to come to them to buy the produce. He said that along with the production of food grains, the horticulture sector, especially the cultivation of vegetables and flowers, plays an important role in increasing the income of the farmers. Tomar said that it is necessary to pay attention to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables and millets, because only food grains will not work for nutrients. He said that on the proposal of Prime Minister Modi, under the leadership of India, 2023 will be celebrated as the International Year of Nutritious Cereals, for which preparations have been made.

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