KCC: Now give only three documents, fill a one page form and you will get a loan of Rs 3 lakh

Modi government has now introduced Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Made very easy to make. So that farmers can get money for farming and farming at cheap rates. Do not fall in the clutches of moneylenders. Now if you are taking advantage of PM Kisan scheme, then it is even easier to make it. Because the government has already verified the Aadhaar, bank account number and land record. Now you have to provide only three documents to take KCC and fill only one page form. Your Kisan Credit Card (KISAN) to the concerned bank within just two weeks of accepting the application form is complete.Kisan Credit Card) will have to be made. Failure to do so can make a complaint against the applicant farmer bank officer.

Along with the application form, you will have to give only the identity card, address proof and record of farming as the necessary documents. Apart from this, two passport size photographs will be taken. You will have to make a statement on a paper that you do not have any loan balance in any other bank. The government has ordered bank officials to make Kisan Credit Cards by setting up camps in villages. If the camp is not set up in your village, then immediately take out the KCC form from the Farmer Corner of the PM Kisan website. Fill it and give it to the bank by attaching three necessary documents.

Documents required for KCC

  • A copy of any one of the driving license, Aadhar card, voter ID card and passport will have to be given as ID proof.
  • As address proof, any one of the driving license and Aadhar card will have to be given.
  • You will have to give a revenue record to prove that you are a farmer. It must be certified.
  • Apart from this the duly filled application form will be taken
  • Affidavit of not being a borrower in any other bank will have to be given.

Who can take KCC, where will the application be

Officials of the Union Agriculture Ministry said that any person associated with agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries can take advantage of KCC. Collective farming, tenants, sharecroppers and self-help groups can also take benefits. 3 lakh rupees will be available for farming. While 2 lakh rupees for fisheries and animal husbandry. All government, private, cooperative and regional rural banks can make it.

No guarantee needed on loan of Rs 1.60

If you take a loan of Rs 3 lakh through KCC, then you will have to guarantee the land. But if you take a loan of only Rs 1.60, then there will be no need for guarantee on this amount. The interest rate for an agricultural loan of Rs 3 lakh is 9%. The government gives a discount of 2 percent in this. If you are returning the money on time, then there is a further discount of 3 percent. Overall, those who return the money on time have to pay only 4% interest. The government wants that all the beneficiaries of PM Kisan scheme should get the benefit of Kisan Credit Card.

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