Jharkhand became the first state to distribute paddy through blockchain system, more than one lakh farmers registered for taking seeds

Jharkhand became the first state to distribute paddy through blockchain system, more than one lakh farmers registered for taking seeds

Paddy cultivation to farmers in Kharif season in JharkhandPaddy FarmingPaddy seeds at the time ofPaddy Seed) For this, this time the farmers in the state have already been (FarmersThe process of distributing the seeds has started. Seeds on seed grant to farmers in the blocks of many districts of the stateSubsidy On Seed) being given. Due to the beginning of seed distribution ahead of time, the seeds are reaching the farmers at the right time. It is worth mentioning that under the Seed Exchange and Distribution Program scheme, quality Kharif crop seeds are being given to the farmers by the state government at 50 percent subsidy. This scheme was started in the state from May 11.

The state is using blockchain based traceability platform technology to ensure that farmers get quality seeds at the right time. Due to the timely availability of seeds to the farmers, their faces have blossomed. Due to timely availability of seeds, farmers are now hopeful that they can sow on time. This is the reason why the demand for seeds is increasing rapidly. The demand for seeds has registered a nearly four-fold increase. Talking about distribution in the month of May, till now there was a demand of 38,640 quintal seeds of paddy, tur, ragi, groundnut, maize, urad and moong, which has been fulfilled.

More than one lakh farmers have been registered

There has been an increase of 75 percent in the seed distribution of Kharif crop, the demand for pulses has also increased. Due to the distribution of seeds by the government agency, this time the prices of seeds have also come down as compared to last time. Now more than one lakh farmers have been registered to take seeds under blockchain technology in Kharif season. Apart from this, 123 FPOs have also been registered. The process of registration is currently going on. Whenever a farmer gets paddy, OTP will come in his mobile immediately. This will confirm the delivery.

Transparency brought about by the use of block chain technology

Jharkhand State Agriculture Director Nisha Oraon tweeted that the objective of implementing blockchain is to bring transparency and authenticity in the distribution of benefits of the schemes. In the seed distribution process, this tracking system is providing transparent information about seed purchase, seed type, warehouse, supplier, seed supply, stock, selection of godowns, vehicle carrying seeds, weight, etc. The empaneled seed supplier of the system is tracking the movement of seeds by various unique identifiers including details of the supply order received, receipt issued by the warehouse, supply status and QR code.