Is there a solution for lumpy skin disease in Ayurveda and Homeopath?

Lumpy skin disease has made animal owners sleepless. The solution to this disease is being discovered only in vaccination. For this indigenous vaccine (Lumpy-Pro Vacc-Ind) has been launched. Some states are asking for got pox vaccine for this. But the question arises whether it is treated in Homeopath and Ayurveda also? Or the animal husbandry should only rely on the allopath. About 60 thousand cows in the country lumpy skin disease There is news of death due to. As such, this problem remains a matter of serious concern.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri, president of Madhya Pradesh Cow Husbandry and Livestock Promotion Council, has said that Ayurveda and homeopathy, including allopathy, have its treatment. The infected animal recovers in 10 to 12 days. By mixing these three substances in water, cow urine, cow dung and whey, bathing the affected cow is also beneficial. Put lime powder in the water for drinking water and mix rock salt in the water. Boil neem leaves and some ground turmeric in water and bathing a cow when it is lukewarm also gives relief.

Pay attention to this matter

Akhileshwaranand Giri has asked the Gau-sevaks working in Gau-shalas of Madhya Pradesh to wash their hands thoroughly with soap after serving sick cows suffering from lumpi. Only after that do any other work. Lumpy skin disease does not affect humans, but if cow-sevaks touch another cow with the same hands serving a sick cow, then this infection can spread to that cow. Giri said that as soon as symptoms of lumpi are found, immediately contact the nearest veterinary hospital or dispensary.

Veterinarians can do this measure

It has been told on behalf of Giri that according to Panchagavya Doctors Association Chennai, after applying a paste made by mixing 100 ml neem oil, 100 grams ground turmeric, 10 ml basil leaf juice and 20 ml aloe vera juice, on the wound, the patient will be cowed in a week. It turns out fine. A handful of basil leaves should also be fed to the cow along with the paste.

What is the treatment in homeopathy

According to the homeopathic doctor, to prevent lumpi, the medicine Belladonna-200 can be given to the little heifer and Belladonna-1000 to the big cow, 7-7 drops on the tongue can be given 3 times a day. This medicine can also be fed by putting it in a banana. Swami Akhileshwaranand has asked the cattle owners to consult the concerned doctor or Vaidya before the treatment.

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