International Year of Millets: 3 new Centers of Excellence for coarse cereals set up in the country

India is a stronghold of coarse cereals in the world. For example, India tops the world in the production of coarse cereals. In this episode, India is all over the world. coarse grains Efforts are being made to increase the acceptance of Due to which India celebrated the year 2019 as Millets Year. At the same time, India had proposed to the United Nations to celebrate the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets. Which has been approved by the United Nations. For example, the year 2023 is to be celebrated as the International Year of Millets. In this series, the Government of India has established 3 new Centers of Excellence for coarse cereals in the country.

Center of Excellence for Jowar, Market and Small Coarse Cereals

On the occasion of International Year of Millets, 3 Centers of Excellence for coarse cereals have been established in the country by the Government of India. Under which centers of excellence have been set up for jowar, bajra and other small grade coarse cereals. The Center of Excellence has been established in Chaudhary Charan Singh Agricultural University, Haryana for millet on behalf of the Central Government. Similarly a Center of Excellence has been set up for jowar at the Indian Institute of Millets, Hyderabad. For other small millets, a Center of Excellence has been set up at the Agricultural University, Bangalore.

PM Modi has told coarse grains to be super food

In India till a century ago, only coarse grains were used by the common people. For example, even after independence, coarse grains used to be part of the plate of a large number of people across the country. But, after the Green Revolution, due to the unprecedented increase in the production of wheat and paddy, coarse grains have disappeared from the people’s plate. Which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to make back a part of the plate. PM Modi has told the benefits of coarse grains in the forums of the country after many years. So at the same time, Modi remains the brand ambassador of coarse cereals in international forums.

In fact, in the SCO Summit held in Tajikistan in the past, PM Narendra Modi in the presence of several heads of state had described coarse grains as super food. At the same time, he had advocated the organization of Millets Food Festival at the international level. Actually, there are many types of nutrients in coarse grains. At the same time, coarse grains have become relevant to deal with climate change. Because the cultivation of coarse grains does not require a lot of water and effort.

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