International flower market will be made in Gurugram, team reached to see flower market in Holland

The Haryana team, which went on a tour of European countries to get information about new technology in horticulture and agriculture, visited the Alsmeer Flower Market in Holland and saw the online auction process of flowers being done there every day. Inspired by this market, Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that in Gurugram, Haryana, on the basis of this technology, modern level global flower market will be created. Flowers from this market will be exported to many countries.

Dalal said that this will increase the income of flower growing farmers of NCR including Haryana. With him, Additional Chief Secretary of Agriculture Department Sumita Mishra is also on a tour of Holland. He told that about 44 million flowers are coming from outside daily in the Alsameer Flower Market. Local auctioneers in 30 percent of its auctions and people from other countries are participating in 70 percent of the auctions.

make payment online only

In this process, all the flower auctions are being done automatically and electronically under the Dutch system from bottom to top. In which the bidder hands the auction at the lowest fixed price. The detailed information about the length, size and number of each flower is written on the board 24 hours a day. The Agriculture Minister said that after the bidding, the successful bidders make the payment online before taking the delivery of the product.

What else about the market?

There is a large level air-conditioned hall for the care and maintenance of flowers, in which there is a temperature of 9 to 12 degrees in the gallery area to maintain the flowers. In the market, two large level 10 feet width galleries are made to operate. He told that this market was established in 1962, the broker said that it is upgraded from time to time. The total area of ​​the hall is 250 times bigger than the football field in size.

how much is the turnover

The annual turnover of this flower business market is about 30000 crores. More than 5000 flower growers and suppliers are associated with it, who are supplying 80 percent of the flowers out every day. The Agriculture Minister said that a better platform can be provided to the people by creating such a flower market in the NCR region of Haryana. For this, the team, which went abroad with the Agriculture Minister, interacted with the traders in the market in detail and listened to their experiences.

Dalal said that in order to improve the economic condition of the farmers on the lines of the flower market of Holland, a huge flower market would be built in Gurugram on the basis of this technology. Flowers will be exported abroad from this market and flower growing farmers of entire NCR including Haryana will get benefit.

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