Insect attack on soybean crops, farmers accuse the government

The problem of farmers in Maharashtra is not taking the name of reduction. Sometimes the farmers do not get the right price for the produce and sometimes the farmer is in trouble due to the indifference of the natural. On the one hand, there is an increasing threat of lumpy virus on cattle, while on the other hand the crop is being destroyed due to the attack of insects on the crops. A similar case has come up from Parbhani district of the state. where these days Soybean The attack of yellow vein mosaic disease and fall armyworm on crops is increasing. Since then, the difficulties of the farmers have increased. At the same time, the farmers have accused the government of not taking care of these conditions as well.

Farmers made this allegation on the government

Farmers say that this year we are facing many problems in Kharif. Soybean production is estimated to be reduced by more than half due to the increasing infestation of pests. Farmers say that all the farmers in the district are facing the problem of pests. But, no guidance has been received from the Department of Agriculture so far. More money is being spent by the farmers for spraying medicines. In such a situation, the economic condition has become weak. Farmers are demanding compensation from the government by doing Panchnama.

Farmers told their story

Kisam Ram Bhau, a resident of the district, told that he had cultivated soybean in his 2 acres of land. But, in the months of August and September, the crops were ruined due to the attack of insects on the crops of Badwal. That too at a time when the crops were completely ready. This has caused huge losses. Bhau says that till now no help has been received from the Agriculture Department. Earlier he had cultivated cotton. But, that too got destroyed due to heavy rain. Farmers are now pleading for help from the administration.

Even the spray of medicines is not having any effect.

Due to incessant rains in the district for a few days, the soybean crop has suffered a lot due to non-spraying of pesticides in the fields. is facing a crisis. At the same time, in some districts of Marathwada, there was a large-scale damage to the crops due to the increasing infestation of snails on soybean crops. After which the government had given compensation to the farmers. Now the farmers of the district are demanding compensation from the government.

Other farmers of the district say that there is no effect of spraying medicines on the crops. All the farmers are disappointed due to lack of guidance and help from the administration.

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