Insect attack on banana plants, farmer destroyed ten acre orchard

Raver taluka in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra is famous not only for the production of banana in the country but all over the world. In the same Raver taluka, the risk of lumpi virus is increasing since last months. This is causing problems to the farmers. The concern of the farmers here in trouble has increased even more. Banana Trees But the attack of insects named CMV is increasing. This has increased the problems of the farmers of the area. In this episode, a farmer has had to destroy ten acres of orchard in the past under compulsion.

Banana cultivation in 48 thousand hectare area

Raver taluka is considered a world leader in banana production. Due to the unique taste of bananas of this place, its demand always remains. At the same time, there is a demand for it from abroad as well. The economy of Jalgaon is believed to depend on the banana crop as it is the major producer of bananas.

dung manure shortage crisis

Banana cultivation requires the use of oxen and a large quantity of cow dung is required. A large number of farmers keep their cattle in this area. But, since the last one month, many animals have died in this area due to the spread of lumpy virus disease in animals. Along with this, farmers are also worried about thousands of cattle getting affected. Apart from this, CMV i.e. Cucumber Mosaic Virus has attacked the banana crop, which is the main crop of this region and thousands of hectares of banana crop has come under threat. In such a situation, it is seen that the farmer is in big trouble.

Farmer told his story

Shivaji Patil, a farmer from Raver taluka, planted banana plants in his eleven acres. But, the farmer had to uproot the banana crop and throw it away due to the 10 acres of plants getting infected with the CMV virus. Because once the disease occurs, the plants become weak because later bananas do not bear fruit. In such a situation, farmers have no option but to uproot those trees. Many other farmers of the district have also had to forcibly destroy their orchards. Shivaji Patil did different types of sprays on the crop with the advice of experts to control the disease. Infected plants were covered with plastic bags to prevent the spread of the disease. But it was of no great benefit.

That’s why he uprooted his entire banana plantation. Patil says that he had spent six to seven lakh rupees from his own pocket for this orchard. They are facing financial loss due to this. They have demanded that the government should immediately give more help by doing Panchnama.

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