Indian tea is being liked in the countries of the world, export of more than ₹ 2,532 crore in the year 2022

Tea is the favorite drink of people all over the world. But, this story of tea of ​​many countries of the world starts from India itself. For example, India is the world’s largest Tea Producer country. Although it is a different matter that only in India, about 70 percent of tea is consumed as compared to other countries. But, even after this, tea of ​​India is very much liked in many countries. An example of which is the export of tea from India. India has exported tea worth more than ₹ 2,532 crore in the year 2022.

The main reason for this is hidden in the special varieties of tea grown in India, which are not found anywhere else in the whole world. That’s why those who have tasted Indian tea say that there is no other drink like this. This is the reason why there has been a tremendous jump in the export of India’s tea.

Indian tea demand is huge in the world

Due to the different varieties of tea in India, the demand for Indian tea has also increased rapidly all over the world. On the other hand, keeping in mind the increasing demand for tea, the Government of India is engaged in promoting the production of tea more. The central government is committed to promote the production of tea in the country. For this, a tea board has also been constituted by the government.

Tea export is increasing continuously

The export of tea produced in India is increasing continuously. For example, a jump of 96.9 million kg is being seen in the export of Indian tea. In this sequence, tea worth more than ₹ 2,532 crore was exported in the year 2022 due to the efforts of the government. At the same time, tea worth more than ₹ 2,306 crore was exported in 2021. This situation is when the world’s highest consumption of tea is done only in India. Yes, people in the country are living in tea culture. That’s why the day starts with tea.

Favorite Indian tea because of the high quality

Tea lovers are not only Indians, but foreigners also like to sip Indian tea. This is because of the high quality of Indian tea. Indian tea is considered to be the best tea in the world. To maintain its quality, the Government of India has constituted the Tea Board.

Tea Board is working in 3 countries to increase business

The role of the Tea Board has been important in making Indian tea accessible abroad. The 30-member Tea Board constituted by the Government of India has its head office located in Kolkata and has two regional offices in the North-East Zone at Jorhat in Assam and Coonoor in Tamil Nadu in the South Zone. But for the purpose of promotion of tea, the Tea Board has also located its offices in London, Dubai and Moscow.

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