In Punjab, farmers are getting bat and bat, moong is getting more than the fixed MSP

Moong is one of the major crops of Kharif season. Due to this farmers get very good price. Due to which their earnings increase. Moong fixed to farmers in Jagraon, Ludhiana MSP Getting more price. That is, moong is being sold at an expensive price. Although moong (Moong) This jump in prices is not much. The MSP of moong is Rs 7275 per quintal, while farmers are getting Rs 7475 per quintal in Jagraon mandi. The farmers cultivating moong are very excited due to the higher price than the MSP. If the price continues to be like this, then they will cultivate more of it next time.

Significantly, for the first time, the state government is procuring moong in the state at MSP. Jagraon Mandi is the major market for buying moong and according to the data released on Tuesday, 75 percent of Punjab’s total moong purchase has been bought in Ludhiana. So far, 2,95,491 metric moong has been procured at MSP in the entire district. While in Jagraon, 2,214 metric tonnes of moong has been procured so far. According to Markfed Managing Director Ramveer, so far 3,420.06 metric tonnes of moong has been procured by Markfed at MSP. Let us tell you that Markfed acts as the nodal agency for the purchase of moong.

877 farmers of hundred villages benefited

Ramveer said that 2459.10 metric tonnes of moong has also been procured by private agencies. Along with this, about 887 farmers of 100 villages have been benefited by selling moong at a rate higher than the MSP. The prices of moong have increased due to the purchase of moong by the state government at MPC in the state. Due to the increase in the prices of moong, some farmers have benefited a lot. MSP of moong is Rs 7275 per quintal.

Received Rs 200 more than the fixed MSP

This year the price of many crops is getting more than the MSP. These include cotton, wheat, mustard and soybeans; Now moong has also joined this club. Farmers Gursev Singh and Parvinder Singh of Mananpura Thikra and Talewala village told that they have sold their 4000 quintals of moong at the rate of Rs 7,475 per quintal. Due to this, they have got more than the MSP of Rs 200 per quintal. On Monday, 201.45 metric tonnes of moong reached the state market, with this the total moong purchase figure in the state reached 3,420, 06 metric tonnes. In this 495.75 metric tonnes have been procured by the state government. Apart from this, private agencies are also buying it.

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