In Kerala, women started farming to make cooking nutritious, doing organic farming in one acre

Successful women in Kerala are now doing agriculture apart from the kitchen. women’s identity Farmer As it is happening. This change in their life has come after 2018. When crops were damaged due to floods in his area. The lack of vegetables forced them to think, after that the women made up their mind to do vegetable cultivation. Since then a group of women started organic farming. Now these women farmers have a different identity in the village.

Jayshree Harikumar, Vidya Jayaprakash, Geeta Jayakumar and Savita Jayakumar are in the group of these women, all the women cultivate on the banks of river Varattar in Taruvalla. Now those women say that they never thought that they would do farming or they would become farmers. Because there was a time when women could cook vegetables in their kitchen even when someone brought them vegetables. But the floods of 2018 changed his life. The crop got ruined due to the flood. After this, the officials of the Agriculture Department started the campaign to bring the villagers back to farming again.

Women do organic farming in one acre

Mahila Kisan Vidya tells that the officials of the Agriculture Department helped her a lot, under her guidance, women started farming and today they are doing organic farming in about one acre of land. That’s why now they are eating pure crops and vegetables as before, due to which they are healthy, not only this, now they are also learning about new techniques of agriculture. Women mainly grow bitter gourd, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower, chilli, cucumber, elephant yam, okra, banana, pumpkin, gourd, pumpkin, tomato, peas and spinach.

Women were confined to the kitchen only

All women farmers are educated to do organic farming. According to The New Indian Express, women tell that earlier their world was limited only to the kitchen. But now after doing farming, women have got a means of earning, through this she is also helping her family financially. Women earn up to Rs 5000 per month while they have to spend only three hours in the fields every day.

Getting help from Agriculture Department

Farmer friends say that the Gram Panchayat and Krishi Bhavan are providing all possible help to continue farming. Free seeds and saplings are given to women farmers by Krishi Bhavan. The same Jayashree says Agriculture Officer Thara Mohan and Assistant Agriculture Officer Biju P are always available to help to make farming successful.

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