In Haryana, 17,863 farmers who took loans for agriculture have died, what will the government do now?

Haryana government co-operative bank indebted farmers And has announced to start One Time Settlement (OTS) scheme for the members. Cooperation Minister Dr. Banwari Lal informed that Chief Minister Manohar Lal has announced one-time settlement scheme 2022 for the indebted members of District Agriculture and Land Development Bank (Land Mortgage Bank). In the scheme announced for the loanee members of the District Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank, mainly those families will get relief, whose borrowers have died.

In such loan account, 100% rebate will be given in the interest payable till March 31, 2022. For this, 100% waiver of interest will be provided on depositing the entire principal amount in the loan account by the successor of the deceased borrower. Penalty, interest and other expenses will also be waived. The Cooperation Minister said that the total number of dead loan holders of the bank is 17,863. On whose side there is an outstanding of Rs 174.38 crore principal and Rs 241.45 crore interest. The total amount outstanding on them including 29.46 crore panel interest is Rs 445.29 crore.

What will happen to other people?

Apart from this, 50 percent interest subvention will also be given to all other borrowers under the OTS scheme-2022. Their fine, interest and other expenses will also be waived. This scheme will be applicable on all types of loans of the bank. According to the scheme, if the loan holder could not pay his loan due to any reason and has been declared a defaulter by the bank on 31 March 2022, then he can still take advantage of this scheme.

how much is the total outstanding

A total of Rs 2069.78 crore is outstanding on behalf of a total of 73,638 borrowers of 19 District Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks working in the state. In which the principal amount is Rs.844.91 crore. While interest is 1111.80 crores and Rs 113.07 crores including penalty interest. For such defaulters to repay their loans, the government has come up with the OTS scheme.

OTS scheme was implemented earlier also

The Cooperation Minister said that this scheme is for a limited time. Therefore, consumers should take advantage of the OTS scheme on the lines of first come first serve. For taking advantage of the scheme and detailed information, the District Primary Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank and its 70 branches established at the tehsil level can be contacted. Even before this, the government had implemented the interest waiver scheme in the year 2019. Under which Rs 605.22 crore was recovered by the bank. Last time under this scheme, an amount of Rs 181.88 crore of 21881 borrowers was waived off as interest.

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