In Begusarai, Bihar, the apple orchard started flourishing in one acre, the fruit will also be available in the market from May next year.

Apple (Apple) is called the fruit of cold regions, which is mainly grown inside the country in Himachal, Kashmir and Uttarakhand. To break this myth, Bihar (BiharA young farmer of ) is trying. On whose hard work TV9 Digital did a year ago Report was published. During that time this garden was planted in one acre located in Begusarai of Bihar.OrchardThe apple plants were very small, but the vision and the spirit of hard work of the young farmer was clearly visible. A lot has changed in this apple orchard since then. Which has been recorded once by TV 9 Digital after going to Ground Zero after 14 months. Now due to the vision and hard work of the young farmer, apple orchards are flourishing even in a hot state like Bihar. At the same time, the farmer has also plucked the first fruit from these apple orchards this time.

The first fruit arrived in the orchard in March-April, the apple of the orchard will be sold in the market from May next year

Local youth Amit Kumar has envisioned planting an apple orchard in Begusarai, Bihar. Amit is BSAC Agriculture and at present is completely devoted to farming. Amit tells that his apple orchard has become one year old. On which the first fruits also came in the month of March-April this year. He explains that keeping in mind that the first fruit can affect the growth of any tree, he plucked the first fruit too soon. Now preparations are on to take the fruits of the second year from these orchards. Under which people will get to eat the apples of this orchard from May next year.

Now 4 varieties of apples in the orchard, all successful up to the temperature of 48 degrees

Farmer Amit Kumar, who planted an apple orchard in Begusarai, started his orchard with Harman-99, a variety of apple, but since the last one year, a lot has changed in the orchard. Farmer Amit Kumar has now planted 4 varieties of apples in his orchard. Amit tells that he has Herman 99, Anna, Dorset Gold and Tupic Sweets varieties of apples in his orchard. All of them are successful in giving production in temperatures ranging from 40 to 48 degrees. Describing the specialty of these varieties of apple, Amit Kumar says that among the four, Anna variety of apple has the highest sweetness.

Zero expenditure on orchard in winter, irrigation is needed as soon as summer starts

Giving information about the development of the apple orchard planted in the hot state of Bihar, Amit Kumar says that his plants in the orchard had grown up to 7 feet, which were harvested in November. At the same time, while telling about the maintenance of the orchard, he says that during the cold season the apple plant goes into sleep. In such a situation, they have not had to spend anything in the form of maintenance of the garden during the cold season after the rainy season, but as soon as the summer starts, effective measures need to be taken for its maintenance. According to Rahul Kumar, the plant needs water as soon as it is hot. Under which irrigation has to be done from February to July to maintain moisture in the plant.

Apples of Bihar will get higher price than apples from cold regions

Farmer Rahul Kumar says that apples planted in hot states like Bihar will get more price than apples grown in colder states. He says that apples grown in cold regions are harvested after August. Whereas in May-June this apple will start breaking. In this way, it will come in the market 2 to 3 months before the apples of cold regions. During that time the prices of apples are high in the market. In such a situation, this apple will get a higher price.

After planting the orchard, fruits for 25 years, earning one and a half lakh months by sowing vegetables together

Amit Kumar, who has planted an apple orchard in Begusarai, Bihar, says that the apple orchard starts giving fruit in a year. Whereas in the second year the cost can be worked out. Whereas an orchard gives fruit for 25 years. At the same time, he tells that an apple tree easily gives 30 to 50 kg of fruit in a year. In this way, an apple orchard planted in one acre can easily earn an income of 10 to 12 lakh rupees every year. In such a situation, if someone cultivates vegetables in an apple orchard, then one and a half lakh rupees per month can be earned from one acre. Amit Kumar tells that he is also growing vegetables between two trees in his apple orchard. Under which he is cultivating onions, garlic along with vegetables with small vines. Due to this, weeding and hoeing of the field is also done from time to time. Apple plants also get its benefit.

Seeing Amit Kumar, farmers of other states also planted apple orchards

Amit Kumar, an apple orchardist in Bihar’s Begusarai, has emerged as a source of inspiration for the farmers of other hot states as well. Amit Kumar says that after the release of the report on him in TV 9 Digital last year, farmers from other hot states of the country had contacted him. After which he has helped the farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra to develop apple orchards in the last one year.