If you do animal husbandry with agriculture, then biogas plant is a boon for you, there will be many benefits

Farming and animal husbandry are considered to be the backbone of rural life. As much as these two complement each other, they are equally helpful in facilitating rural life. Biogas plant to make it more comfortable (Biogas Plant) are proving to be the most helpful option. Biogas plant where gas is available for cooking. At the same time, organic manure can be made from the left over product. The best part is that it allows proper disposal of dung and agricultural residues. That is why the farmers of rural areas (FarmersThe information related to biogas and the techniques of its use are being explained.

Training programs are being run at Shri Karan Narendra Agricultural University, Sikar, Rajasthan to set up a biogas plant and explain its utility. Experts say that the size of the plant can be increased or decreased according to the availability of cow dung and the current requirement. Even if a farmer or livestock owner has two animals, the benefit of a biogas plant can be taken. At the same time, cow urine can be used as a pesticide.

will always earn

Dr AK Gupta, Dean of Shri Karan Narendra Agricultural University located in Sikar, says that a lot of emphasis is being given on organic farming right now. This is the reason why we advise farmers to adopt Integrated Farming System along with farming. Along with farming, they also do animal husbandry. If the farmer has two milch animals and some goats, then there will always be earnings and the loss will be minimal.

They say that even if a farmer has two animals, he can set up a biogas plant. With the gas prepared in this, they can cook fodder for animals and can also light bulbs. They say that with this farmers will be able to produce gas along with milk and take advantage. He said that the slurry left during gas making can be used as organic manure.

No need to spend on fertilizers and pesticides

Dr. Gupta says that if the farmer has kept a cow, then he can use cow urine as a pesticide. They say that after storing cow urine, it can be filtered and sprayed. Actually, there is nitrogen inside cow urine, which turns into ammonia and gets wasted. In such a situation, if we sprinkle one part cow urine mixed with four parts water, then the growth of our plants is good and the production also increases.

By installing biogas plants, farmers can increase their productivity along with removing fuel shortage in rural areas. It is no less than a boon for the farmers who do animal husbandry along with agriculture. There are many benefits to the farmers from the biogas plant. One, they will be able to dispose of the remains scientifically. Secondly, the shortage of fuel can be overcome to some extent and at the same time if they get slurry for organic manure, then it will be useful in the fields.

Source- DD Kisan