If success was achieved in banana cultivation, plants started preparing to reduce the cost, now they supply in many districts

At one time the traders of Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh used to bring bananas from another district or state and supply them to the markets here, but now it is not so. An introduction in 2012 has changed the situation. Some farmers of Revatipur in the district (Farmers) started commercial banana cultivation in 2012 and found success. At present, the situation is that the farmers here are not only meeting the needs of the district but are also supplying bananas to many other districts and bordering Bihar. Banana farming (Banana FarmingEnthused by the success achieved in The farmers here are also preparing seedlings by hardening to reduce the cost of banana cultivation. To get production from these plants, they are planting them in polyhouses. The government is also happy with this effort of the farmers. This is the reason why the Chief Development Officer came here to see this experiment of the farmers and encouraged them.

The farmers of Revatipur block of Ghazipur were earlier dependent on traditional farming. Due to this there was no significant change in his income. But in 2012, farmer Chhotu Rai and others together started banana cultivation on a small scale. Seeing the success, the farmers of the surrounding villages also went on joining it. The area under banana cultivation in Ghazipur reached from 1700 to 1800 acres.

Earning double the cost in a year

Farmer Chhotu Rai told that the cost of cultivation of banana is 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees per acre. This is a full 1 year cultivation and on completion of 1 year, their income almost doubles. This could not happen in other crops. He told that along with banana cultivation, we paid special attention to marketing and today people from Buxar, Ara, Patna, Chiraiyakot, Mau and Azamgarh come to buy bananas on their fields.

Farmer Anil Rai told that at present, 150 tonnes of bananas are consumed per day in Ghazipur. The price is available on the farm itself at the rate of Rs 13 to 14 per kg. Now the farmers here have started preparing their own plants instead of buying them from the company to reduce the cost. The purchase of a plant from the company costs around Rs 20, while the cost of preparing it on your own is Rs 10 to 11. They also sell to other farmers at a profit of Rs 1 to 2 per plant.

Chief Development Officer inspected

The matter of the efforts of these farmers reached the office of the Chief Development Officer at the district headquarters. After this, the Chief Development Officer himself reached his fields to test the work of the farmers. Along with the banana plant in the poly house planted by him, he learned and understood about the method of producing more production in less water and less cost by irrigating banana with drip method. Along with this, the farmers were also informed in detail about the benefits of the schemes provided by the government.

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