How to cultivate famous Nagpuri orange, know what should be the soil and variety

Most of the oranges are cultivated in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Nagpuri orange variety is famous for its amazing taste, aroma, taste and healthy properties. Apart from Vidarbha in the state, the farmers of western Maharashtra and Marathwada also have scope for orange cultivation. in country Oranges Its total area is 4.28 lakh hectares, which would have produced 51.01 lakh tonnes. And in this, 80 percent of orange production happens only in Maharashtra. But now agricultural scientists have developed many such advanced varieties of oranges, which can be cultivated in other states of the country as well. In India, orange cultivation is mainly done in Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Orange is also cultivated in Sausar and Pandhurna areas of the state. Nagpur, known as the Orange City, is supplied with oranges from these two regions of the district. There is a huge demand for the oranges of Nagpur not only in the country but also from abroad. Nuts are rich in Vitamin C, as well as adequate amounts of Vitamins A and B. Promotes clear, healthy, skin and helps fight many diseases as part of overall health and a varied diet. To help reduce our risk.

What should be the weather for orange farming?

The growth of orange tree is good in 13 to 37 degree Celsius temperature. A dry climate is required for the cultivation of oranges. Orange plants do not require much water. If there is good rainfall and 50 to 53 percent humidity, the plants develop well and production is high.

soil suitable for orange cultivation

Black soil is considered suitable for orange cultivation. Farmers should keep in mind that a field with good drainage is suitable for orange cultivation. The depth of soil in the field should be up to 2 meters. The pH value of the soil should be from 4.5 to 7.5.

right time for orange cultivation

Cultivation of all crops and fruits has its own time, if it is done before or after that time, then the risk of crop failure increases. This is also applicable in orange farming. If we talk about orange horticulture, the best time to plant it is June-July in summer and February to March in winter.

improved varieties of oranges

Nagpuri oranges become the best among the varieties of oranges grown in India. but its
Khasi orange, Coorg orange, Punjab desi, Darjeeling orange and Lahore local etc. advanced varieties are important.

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