How to cultivate coriander during rainy days, wholesale price is available up to Rs 300 per kg

on rainy days coriander cultivation Farmers can earn good profits by doing this. Farmers of Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh are doing this. Coriander cultivation is being done here on a large scale in Katri and Katiyari areas. It comes in Sawaijpur Tehsil area. This area is in the foothills of the Ganges, where farmers have been cultivating coriander for a long time. Coriander growing in this area is considered the best. Farmer Shivkumar, resident of Tera Pursauli village, has been cultivating coriander during the rainy season for many years. The coriander grown at this time gets a good price in the market.

Green coriander grown at this time is sold in the market at a wholesale price of about Rs 300 per kg. Due to the scarcity of coriander in the market, one plant of it is sold for up to Rs 10. In the months of June and July, along with deep plowing of the field, he removes the grass and weeds of the field. If there are more weeds, they use the medicine in the field 15 days before sowing. Spraying kills weeds from the field. Before preparing the field, he spreads the rotten dung manure in the field.

How to prepare the field for coriander cultivation

Shivakumar told that after plowing the field properly, he makes the soil fine by plowing the field with rotavator using DAP and potash in proper quantity. Hisar Sugandha seed is being used in the field, which germinates very soon after sowing. During the rainy days, we are sowing coriander by making bunds. Before sowing coriander seeds, its seeds are soaked in a jute sack. It is applied after three to four days. This makes the seed germination better.

To prevent pests, he uses the methods given by the Horticulture Department. Due to the moisture in the rainy days, many types of insects cause damage to the plants by tunneling. For its prevention, a suitable amount of a drug called chloropyrifos is sprayed by making a solution. After the rain, this coriander gets ready to go to the market. Coriander planted just before the rainy days has arrived in the market, which is being sold at a good price.

There are 10 quintals of green coriander in one hectare

Hardoi District Horticulture Officer Suresh Kumar told that many advanced experienced farmers of the district are earning profit of lakhs from the cultivation of coriander. Coriander cultivation done these days gives more profit than the farmer’s expectation. About 10 quintals of green coriander are obtained in one hectare. Coriander seeds are in great demand in the market. It is also used as a spice.

Coriander is required in every vegetable made in India. It is used in both dry and green state. Sometimes the cost of coriander seeds goes up to Rs 10,000 per quintal. The District Horticulture Officer said that coriander is proving to be a money-raining crop for the farmer at every stage.

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