How is the daily routine of the women of the farmer’s family in the Kharif season, read their words

The faces of the farmers are in full bloom with the good onset of monsoon in the country and the prediction of good rains. The government is also expecting better yields. But do you know that women farmers (women farmers) in Kharif season farmingWomen Farmers) what is the contribution. How does the life of women especially coming from the families of small and marginal farmers pass in these three months. Paddy at the beginning of the entire Kharif season (Paddy CropHow do rural women work from sowing to weeding. Especially in a state like Jharkhand, where most of the farmers are small-holding farmers and here paddy is cultivated more.

Charia Urain, a woman farmer of Mandar block, says that where does the farmer get peace. There is some leisure from the heat, otherwise it is not known how it passes from morning to evening after rain. Because after that there is work every day. There is no rest from the preparation of rice paddy till sowing and weeding. It is easy to plow the field with a tractor, but nowadays it has become very expensive. Before this, cow dung has to be delivered to the fields. There is no road to reach the field, due to which cow dung manure is filled in the tohri on the head.Cow Dung Manure) has to be transported to the farm. It is quite tiring.

workers do not meet on time

On the other hand, Sunita Oraon tells that from morning till evening, she spends in the field. Waking up early in the morning, taking food and going to the farm itself. Work and food happens there throughout the day. In such a situation, if it rains throughout the day, then there is a lot of trouble. Because only the head is saved from the shadow, the whole body gets soaked.. The paddy has to be hastily removed for transplanting. Because if you are not able to do it on time, then it gets delayed. This is such a time when laborers are not even available for removing the waste and for planting paddy.

everyone helps each other

Batiya Oraon tells that it is necessary to plant paddy, it makes rice to be eaten throughout the year, it does not have to be bought. He told that no one should face any problem in the village, so all of them together go to each other’s fields and sow paddy. Due to this, paddy is planted early and in time. Batiya tells that the one whose field is prepared first, we plant first in the field. It is early to transplant first so that the tractor can go till the field for plowing the field. Apart from paddy, then we plant corn, corn and vegetables, so this three months time is very tiring.

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